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Music itself is a universal language that transcends divides created by gender, race, religion and language etc to bring millions and billions together. Ricardo Arjona is one such artist who has turned millions of music lovers from all around the world dance to his tunes. He is a magical musician who has, through the sheer power of his music, become a global superstar. If you want to enjoy an evening in his company then grab your Ricardo Arjona tickets now.
Ricardo Arjona was born on 19th January, 1964 at Jacotenango, Guatemala. His main singing fortes are amazing ballads and rock tunes that he has worked to perfection. Ricardo was always fascinated by music and during his early years he used to spend time listening to the likes of Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Armando Manzanero and the Beatles. This varied range of early music listening helped him a lot in becoming the great diverse musician we see today.
His love with music began at just seven years of age when he was taught how to play a guitar by his father. By the time he was eight he had already started writing songs. Writing his own songs gave him a much more close relationship with music and he enjoyed singing his own creations more than anything else in the world. Ricardo Arjona was a shy kid by nature but he soon realized that he could use the power of his music to get his point across to a much bigger audience than going and socially interacting with them.
Although he loved music, it wasn’t probably his first choice to take up as a profession. He taught at a primary school and was a member of the national basketball team. He toured with the team on international tours and scored seventy eight points in one game which was a record for the most points scored by a player from Guatemala. His love for music kept on burning inside and soon he had made up his mind to quit everything and start focusing on his true passion, music.
Ricardo Arjona went to Mexico City for bigger opportunities and started playing at various local festivals and slowly started to make a name for himself. His hard work up to that point finally paid off when he was given his first recording contract by PolyGram label. That was a step in the right direction which enabled him to release his debut album in 1998 titled Dejame Decir que Te Amo (Let Me Say I Love You). That album projected Ricardo as a love song singer and brought his talents to the attention of the masses.
Ricardo then shifted to the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina after his contract with PolyGram came to a close and started to record there. He started to write and work on songs that were coming from within and these were the songs that had a lot of protest in them. This was the time when this type of music was being accepted more by audiences and his efforts got him his second contract when he signed a deal with Sony.
His first album with Sony was released in 1993 titled Animal Nocturno. It was an amazing success, getting rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The success of that album made Ricardo Arjona a household name and he followed that up with more hits like Galeria Caribe, Historias, and Santo Pecado etc. Sony and Ricardo kept on releasing his albums all through the 90’s and 2000’s and the partnership got its biggest reward in 2007 with the release of Adentro. The album won Ricardo two Grammys and topped charts everywhere. The legacy he created with Sony turned him into a big name and Ricardo Arjona tickets started selling worldwide like a craze.
Ricardo Arjona, the name and the man himself will remain synonymous with music for a long time to come. Has he been controversial? Yes, but that is all part of the charisma of this amazing artist. He has struggled in life but in the end his talents have come through to make him the star he is today, a star that sells Ricardo Arjona tickets to packed houses everywhere.

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