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Rick Dees Party Jam Tickets

Another Rick Dees Party Jam event is coming to town. Once again Rick Dees is back give to you a splendid evening full of amazing music. As we all know that old is definitely gold than what could be better than to refresh yourself with great music from the past. Rick Dees Party Jam event is one of the most anticipated music concerts of the year. Bands will have audiences dancing to their classic hip hop and funky music. The event will be featuring popular singers and groups that will bring back the old school sensation for audiences. In this modern era of rap and hip hop, take yourself back in time and experience the unforgettable 70s music.

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Rick Dees is a popular entertainer who has charmed audiences with his music, radio, and television performances. He is most popularly known for his radio show “The Dick Rees Weekly Top 40 Countdown”. Rick Dees is a multi talented artist that has always had audiences wanting more. With a never ending fan base, he has proved to be on of the most liked media personalities of the decade. “The Original Disco Duck”, “Hurt Me Baby”, “I’m Not Crazy” and “Put It Where The Moon Don’t Shine” are classic novelties produces by Rick Dees. This time round, Rock will be leading the Rick Dees Party Jam Event to remind audiences of the great unforgettable 70s era. The event is specifically dedicated to the 70s and 80s and will be lending the stage to popular retired bands from all genres.
Rick Dees Party Jam event will be featuring The Commodores, Evelyn Champagne King, GQ, Vaughan Mason and his crew, Jojo, Johnny Kemp, Sly, Slick and Wicked, and Oran Juice. The commodores are one of America’s most popular soul rock bands that have been performing since 1968. Their wonderful 70s and 80s music is known to be iconic during the era. Who better can take you back in time then the masters of funk rock themselves. On the other hand, the 80s disco artist “GQ” will be taking the stage too with its outstanding R&B music from the late 80s and early 90s. Singles such as “Soul On Your Side”, and “I Do Love You” are songs that were a massive hit back then and still sound great even after all these years. GQ is a legendary hip hop band and is teaming up with other artists at Rick Dees Party Jam event to give you a taste of old school music. Vaughan Mason and crew are also lined up for the event. Their American funk and post disco music will rock the stage with “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” and “Mr. Magic”.
Other than the above mentioned bands, classic solo artists such as Johnny Kemp will too be performing. We all know this legendary from hit singles “Just Another Love”, and “Dancing With Myself”.  Born in 1959, Johnny Kemp has given the music industry uncountable music tracks throughout the years. Oran Jones, popularly known as Oran Juice Jones also has some great American soul music waiting for you. The event will be topped by “Sly, Slick and wicked” as they will add more thrill to the stage with their amazing rhythm and blues music. 70s R&B, hip hop, soul, funk, pop, jazz, blues, you name and the Rick Dees Party Jam Event has it.
Get ready for a memorable Rick Dees Part Jam event. Hearing all music icons perform live on one stage is bound to be mesmerizing. Take yourself back in time and relive the 70s with classic American music. Treat yourself and your family with a wonderful live music concert where legendary artists will give you a wonderful old school music experience. An event like this is like no ordinary where you see the 70s music scene relive the era. So don’t wait any longer and get you Rick Dees Party Jam tickets now.

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