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Music keeps our souls nourished and helps us rejuvenate when we feel tired in our stressful lives. Rise Against tickets promise you the same level of enjoyment that you expect from a band having an international repute.

American band Rise Against belongs to Chicago, Illinois and came into being in 1999. The band is currently comprised of Zach Blair on vocals and lead guitars, Tim McIlrath on rhythm guitars and lead vocals, Brandon Barnes on percussion and drums and Joe Principe on backing vocals and bass guitars. The band has enjoyed extraordinary success and fame right through their beginning years.
The band was founded by Toni Tintari, Joe Principe, Tim McIlrath and Mr. Precision who were previously members of two other bands namely Baxter and 88 Finger Louie. The name that was first chosen for the newly formed band was Transistor Revolt, that was later changed to its present name i.e. Rise Against. With their former name, the band released their debut EP that was self titled. In 2001 the band signed their deal with Fat Wreck Chords, that later resulted in the release of their first studio album with the name of ‘The Unraveling’. The album turned out to be significantly successful, and helped the newborn band to make its way to the mainstream music scene in the region. It was in 2002 that the members jammed again for their second studio album, titled ‘Revolutions per Minute’, that was released the next year. 2003 was also the year when Rise Against was a part of the famous Warped Tour.
The next year, Rise Against signed a record label deal with Dreamworks Records, and started working on their new album titled ‘Siren Songs of the Counter Culture’. It was released in 2004 and was one of the first albums by the band that brought it worldwide success. Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) ranked the album as Gold for its successful sales, and the album also had the privilege to be the first one from the band that was featured in the Billboard 200 charts. Among the reviews that the band received for this album were mostly positive, but they did have to face some criticism owing to the fact that it was different as compared to their previous works. The band was by that time established to have a revolutionary musical style, and the melodious and soft music that they generally did in this album was said not to suit their style. However, ‘Siren Songs of the Counter Culture’ was generally considered as a success for Rise Against. The release was followed by their international tours, including their famous performance as the ‘Taste of Chaos’ tour in 2005.
The Sufferer & The Witness was the fourth studio album released by Rise Against in 2006. The album followed its predecessors in gaining high respect among the music loving community. Billboard ranked it at number 10 in US charts, and it also received gold rating by the RIAA. The album was appreciated by critics with the comments that it was in fact the band's return to its original punk rock style that was characteristic of Rise Against right from the beginning.
The album was followed subsequently by ‘Appeal to Reason’, that was released in 2008. It was a well awaited album owing to the fact that its music and lyrics brought to the fans what Rise Against was truly about. ‘Endgame’ was the album that followed it in 2010, and was also received positively by the critics. The last couple of albums were released by the Blasting Room.
Apart from being a famous rock group, Rise Against has also been very active in political and ethical issues of the society. All the members of the group do not consume food from animal sources and are strict vegetarians. Almost all the members of Rise Against are Straight Edge, i.e. they believe in not consuming alcohol or recreational drugs.
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