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A rock sensation, Rob Zombie is once again coming to entertain his fans in a live concert. The artist has been nominated a number of times for the Grammy Awards and he is not just a singer and songwriter in fact he has also garnered perfection as a film director, music producer, programmer and screenwriter. Apart from his super successful career as a musician, Rob Zombie is known for directing and writing popular films such as  ‘Halloween’ part one and two, ‘The Devil’s Rejects’, ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ and an upcoming one, ‘Lords of Salem’. His experience as a director also extends to directing music videos of many other musicians of the industry such as Stillborn, Dreamer, Ozzy Osbourne, Tokyo Vigilante #1 and so on. Other than that, Rob Zombie has been a part of a variety of television shows such as ‘Headbangers Ball’, ‘Chris Angel Mindfreak’, ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘WWE Raw’. He will now be sharing the live stage with heavy metal band, Megadeth. Are you ready for the Rob Zombie Megadeth concert!

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Rob Zombie has released four studio albums out of which The Sinister Urge and Hellbilly Deluxe went multi-platinum. Some of his popular singles consist of, “Scum of the Earth,” Never Gonna Stop,” “Dragula,” and “Let It All Bleed Out.”  The artist is also known for his gold certified compilation as well as remix albums such as ‘American Made Music to Strip By’ and ‘Past, Present and Future’. The Rob Zombie Megadeth concert ticket is going to give you all a chance to have the time of your life along with your friends. His live events are always pumped up with energy and outstanding rock compositions. Rob Zombie is obsessed with the horror genre and it can clearly be seen in his horror and sci-fi themed lyrics. He is known for putting in the elements of ‘theatrical shock’ in his live performances and it is expected that he will come up with something totally thrilling once again at his upcoming Rob Zombie Megadeth concert.
Hailing from California, Megadeth is a hard rock, thrash metal band that hit the music scene in 1983. The four-member band is known for its profound lyrical content that consists of political as well as controversial issues and personal incidents. Often the four-piece have incorporated wars and anti-military themes in their lyrics. The band released its first album in 1985 and ‘Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!’ won rave reviews from the critics. The powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics and energetic compositions made the album a hit with the music lovers as well. Due to several reasons Megadeth disbanded in 2002 but in 2004 the members joined hands once again and released the album ‘The System Has Failed’. It debuted at number 18 on the Billboard charts and was received well by the fans and critics. The album produced popular tracks like, “Die Dead Enough”, “The Scorpion” and “Of Mice and Men”. So far the band has produced thirteen studio albums, along with four live albums and five compilation albums. As many as thirty two music videos have been released by Megadeth. The forthcoming Rob Zombie Megadeth event will bring the sensational four performers onto the live stage. The fans will get to hear their signature guitar riffs, outstanding drumming notes along with a fusion of heavy metal with speed metal, groove metal and thrash metal.
The ten times Grammy Awards nominee will set the stage ablaze at the Rob Zombie Megadeth show. A joint act by the two of the best in the metal genre is expected to be remembered for a long time. The flashing lights, smoke machines, massive screens and of course huge crowd attendance is going to make the event a mega success. If you have yet to buy your tickets then act fast as Rob Zombie Megadeth tickets are selling like hot cakes. All you hardcore fans are urged to be there at this heavy metal paradise. Make it fast and reserve your Rob Zombie Megadeth tickets without any further delay.

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