Robert Plant Tickets

The tight jeans, open shirts, and flowing blond locks he sported back in Zeppelin's heyday made females shriek and swoon for this '70s rock god. As rock 'n' roll carries on after its 50th birthday, we see this rock legend age gracefully. Robert Plant can still hit those high notes with the same power he possessed years ago. By contrasting his patented shrieks and howls with the soulful croon he's developed for his solo career, he's proved himself one of the most interesting and versatile vocalists of any rock era.

The world knows him from his days as the front man of Led Zeppelin, one of the most successful bands in rock history. Other members included veteran session guitarist Jimmy Page, drummer John Bonham and bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones.

Robert Plant sold millions of albums with Led Zeppelin and as a solo artist. Seven of his albums with Led Zeppelin went to No. 1 on both sides of the Atlantic. Plant received the Knebworth Silver Clef award in 1990, and Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. Plant, as part of a duo with Jimmy Page, also won the Grammy Award in 1999 for Best Hard Rock Performance in Most High from their album, 'Walking into Clarksdale'.

But the group that started with such force also ended in 1980 after 12 years, and nine albums with Bonham's sudden death. The remaining members went their separate ways. After 2 years of silence, Plant launched his solo career in 1982 with his Zeppelin-like album titled Pictures at Eleven. Over the next few years he used a slew of great drummers, including Phil Collins, Cozy Powell, Barriemore Barlow, and Richie Hayward. His first live showing came at the July Prince's Trust benefit show in London with a band made up of Collins on drums, Blunt on guitar, ULTRAVOX and THIN LIZZY man Midge Ure on guitar and keyboards, JAPAN's Mick Kharn on bass performing 'Worse Than Detroit'. The album easily broke platinum sales status in America. With his next album 'The Principle Of Moments' going top ten on both sides of the Atlantic and the sultry tones of accompanying hit single 'Big Log' scoring massively on radio Robert Plant undertook his inaugural American solo tour in August of 1983. The tour would move on to the UK. By 1984 'The Principle Of Moments' tour reached Australia- where Elton john jammed 'Treat Her Right' onstage in Sydney- and Japan, rounding off with a gig in Hong Kong.

A fascination with world music especially that found in Northern Africa and the Middle East, which dates back to his Zeppelin days has ensured a degree of adventurousness. Likewise, his devotion to the acid folk and psychedelic rock of the 60s gives him a wider range of influences from which to draw besides the heavy blues and proto-metal with which he's most closely identified. His early influences included traditional blues artists such as Robert Johnson and Sonny Boy Williamson. As he became more involved in the Birmingham music scene he found many other sources of inspiration, such as jazz, soul and West Indian rhythms. Possibly the strongest influence came from the new bands which were springing up on the West Coast of America. His favourite listening included Love, Buffalo Springfield and Moby Grape.

Plant's latest album Raising Sand involves quite an unexpected team-up. He has joined one of the most important voices and fiddles in bluegrass music, Alison Krauss and producer, T-Bone Burnett. The team performs a range of pieces from the 1950s to the present, including a tune by the Everly Brothers ("Gone gone gone" [1964]), a piece by the Byrd's Gene Clark ("Polly come home" [1969]), and a remake of a Plant-Page tune, "Please read the letter" (1998). Variety is also there in terms of the vocal focus of each song, with some sung solo by either Plant or Krauss, others as full duets, and still others with one taking the lead while the other backs.

Initially critics focused on their differences: the angel-voiced queen of bluegrass, known for subtlety, precision and restraint, meets the rock god with spontaneously sexual and soaring vocals. But after the success of the gold-selling Raising Sand album and accompanying tour, the pairing of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant no longer seems like an unlikely combination. Along with producer T Bone Burnett, they have created a genre-defying sound that's swampy, soulful and blues-drenched while still incorporating bluegrass and country.