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Roberto Carlos is a Grammy Award winning legendary music composer and singer from Brazil. His musical career spanning over many decades has earned him the well deserved title of the King of Latin Music. His musical genre mainly constitutes of rock and roll, soul, rock and funk categories and is heavily inspired by British pop. He has sold more than 120 million albums and is still considered to be one of the most influential musicians in Brazil.

Roberto Carlos was born in April 1941 in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil, in the middle-class house of a watchmaker and a seamstress. At the age of six he was badly injured in an accident in which he lost his right leg. He still uses prosthesis. During his early years his mother taught him how to play the piano and the guitar. He later honed his talent further at the Conservatory of Music Itapemirim. He identifies Bob Nelson’s country music as the most inspirational artistic work from his childhood days. His career essentially started off when he was only nine years old. This is when he used to sing on a children’s program aired from Radio Cachoeiro.
The rock revolution brought about by the Beatles and Elvis had a definite impact on the culture of music in Brazil as well. Brazil was passing through the dark times of an authoritarian government at the time and this genre of music allowed a cathartic medium for the frustrated and suppressed youth of the county. Influenced by these two major inspirations, Roberto Carlos rode this wave of rock revolution to popularity and stardom in Brazil. He became the primary face of Jovem Guarda (Young Guard) which was the name given to the rock revolution movement in Brazil that aimed to challenge the draconian dictators – an event that earned him the tile of O Rei, meaning The King.
Despite the lukewarm commercial response of his first album, “Louco Por Voce`” (1961), Roberto Carlos insisted on sticking to the genre of young rock music. He released his first album, with the aid of his composer friend Erasmus, called “Splish-Splash” (1962) and the artistic endeavor became an instant hit. The following year the musical duo produced another album titled “No Smoking” which made them dominate the charts second year in a row. Thereafter started Carlos’ days as truly, the Young Guard. In accordance with this newly earned title Carlos began to host a show along with Erasmus titled the Young Guard in 1965. The show was aired on national television and further acted as a catalyst to increase Carlos’ popularity.
Carlos’ musical style underwent a transition when he released his record, “The Inimitable” in 1969. This album was heavily influenced by the jazzy soul and funk genres popular in the US. After the first few decades of success Carlos further tweaked his musical style and started to turn more and more towards dramatic and emotional romantic ballads. Critics often accused of this formula to be safe and mundane, but this didn’t cast any shadow on Roberto Carlos’ immense commercial success. He went on to become the first ever Brazilian artist to win a Grammy. He was awarded for the Best Latin Pop Album in 1988. The following year he bagged the number one spot on the Billboard’s Latin charts.
Towards the end of the 90’s the artist had to encounter great adversity in his personal life as his wife suffered from cancer and eventually lost her life in 1999. This setback took its toll on Roberto Carlos’ professional life as well and for a few years the artist withdrew from the stage. Roberto Carlos was back in the limelight only a few years after that break and went on to win a Latin Grammy in 2007. One of the most memorable performances by the artist remains the one on his 50th career anniversary celebration. For this event all Roberto Carlos tickets all sold out within the first few days of being marketed. This momentous occasion was celebrated in July 2009 and the singer performed a most moving repertoire of his songs at the Marcana Stadium in Brazil, jam packed with over seventy thousand fans.
Doubtlessly, Roberto Carlos remains one of the legendary Latin music artists of our times. His live performances are always highly enjoyable. His music is moving and his singing is said to come from his heart. Buy Roberto Carlos tickets now and be a part of this legend’s musical journey to eternal fame!

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