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There is a general agreement among people of all ages that there is nothing more exciting or more entertaining than attending a live musical performance. The joy of seeing one of your favorite musicians perform their most popular tracks right in front of your eyes is just too great to be put in words. So if one music group can do this to its audience imagine what would happen if there were more than one live acts in a single evening. The combined effect of all the performers would be marvelous and the experience out of this world for all those in attendance. Each year the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival does exactly this for the fans of rock music. They bring together some of the most happening rock bands to create a memorable experience for their fans. And the fans would be delighted to know that the most anticipated musical event of the year is back this year with an impressive lineup. The organizers have promised those hoping to attend this year an exciting event which would be much bigger and better than anything they may have seen in the past. And so far the way things have been shaping up it seems as if this would be one music festival people would be talking about for a very long time.

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In 2008, Kevin Lyman and his friend John Reese came up with an idea for a music festival which would celebrate rock music. By limiting the event to feature only the heavy metal acts they were also limiting the amount of people who would want to attend the festival. But in order to overcome this hurdle they decided to bring along with established metal bands the most promising up and coming groups. This proved to be a very good decision on the part of the organizers and every year the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival works as the launch pad for many new groups to showcase their talents and together with some of the established acts they extensively promote their music in performances across the country through this musical extravaganza. In the past popular hard rock bands like Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Korn, Disturbed, Dragon Force, Mastodon, Machine Head and Walls of Jericho have been a part of this event. And now in its fourth year the festival is going to be much bigger and better as is obvious from this year’s lineup.

Performing this year at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival would be Disturbed who undoubtedly are amongst the most popular metal bands of recent times and have sold more than eleven million albums. They would be singing songs from the five albums they have released so far The Sickness, Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, Indestructible and Asylum . Joining Disturbed from Massachusetts on the main stage this year would be Godsmack. The group with multiple Grammy nominations and one after another number on album on the Billboard would be performing such hit singles as Vampires, I Stand Alone, Sick Of Life, Awake and Straight out of Line . Sharing the main stage with Godsmack and Disturbed would be Megadeth who are amongst the pioneers of heavy metal and the oldest band in this year’s lineup having been formed in the early eighties. And for this reason they have a huge loyal fan base. They to the much delight of their fans would be performing hit singles from their entire musical career which spans three decades. There is a very strong chance that they would perform Sudden Death, Head Crusher, Trust, Paranoid, 99 Ways to Die and Rust in Peace amongst other songs from their different albums. Returning this year to the main stage would be the heavy metal band from California Machine Head. Having released six albums so far and millions of fans nationwide it remains to be seen which songs they would sing from their albums like The Burning Red, Supercharger, The Blackening and Burn My Eyes . Other major acts for this year are Trivium, All Shall Perish, Kingdom Of Sorrow, the Swedish band In Flames and Suicide Silence.

Besides getting a chance to experience the different sub genres of heavy metal like thrash metal, death metal, progressive metal and metal core the fans would be able to indulge in all sorts of different activities at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival like the autograph signings with their favorite bands, and being able to try the newest video games with other gamers. Also they would be able to try out free samples of different products from the sponsors of the event. The Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival brings for its fans an interesting mix of good music from some of the best rock bands every year along with a whole range of different activities. If you are looking to spend some good time this summer grab your Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival Tickets now.

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