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“The Queen of Rock and Roll” Stevie Nicks, along with the “best selling artist of all times” Rod Stewart, is a force that can make your wildest dreams come true. The two artists have managed to fascinate and enthrall the audiences for almost five decades with their exceptional talents and brilliant skills. Both the artists have garnered worldwide fan following and appeal, managing to sell millions of copies throughout the world. Where Stewart’s initial career with “The Jeff Beck Group” and “Faces” had a major influence on heavy metal music, Nick’s fresh visual style and emblematic lyrics initiated a new wave in the music genres. Both the multi-talented singers and songwriters have managed to sell over hundred million records and they have been inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” for their immense contribution in the music industry. The two legendary artists continue their eternal journey as the fans await one of the most highly anticipated performances. Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks will embrace the stage in an epic musical journey that will mark one of the greatest collaboration of two music icons. By acquiring Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks tickets the fans can make sure to grasp the one in a lifetime opportunity to witness the music titans who, with their incomparable talent and innovative style, changed the way we listen to music.
Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks both started their career during the same period, where Stewart joined the industry in 1964; Nicks began her career in 1967. Stewart was born in 1945 in North London, England. After joining and abandoning bands like “Soul Agents” and “Shotgun Express,” Stewart joined “The Jeff Beck Group” in 1966 that allowed him to polish and develop his musical and vocal skills. His tenure with The Jeff Beck Group garnered him a moderate success and paved his way towards future stardom. The band released two albums “Truth” and “Beck-Ola” that included Stewart’s work. The groundbreaking album “Truth” garnered rave reviews for the artist as well as the band and brought them under the limelight. After leaving Jeff Beck Group, Stewart launched his solo career as well as joined “Faces” in 1999 that proved pivotal for his career.  His first solo album “An Old Raincoat Won’t ever let you Down” was released in 1969 and managed to chart high in US. Faces also released their debut album “First Step” that was well received in UK. Stewart continued releasing breakthrough solo albums while he toured with Faces who by then had gained mainstream success. Faces’ last album, “Ooh La La” (1973) peaked at number one in UK and sold millions of copies globally. After the end of Faces, Stewart continued his epic solo career that resulted in over twenty-five chart-breaking albums that reached multi-platinum status. 
On the other hand, Stevie Nicks also set the world on fire with her award winning and chart breaking albums. Nicks was born in 1948 in Arizona, US. After receiving immense support from her family to pursue music, Nicks joined “The Fleetwood Mac” after a short struggling period. The band released their second album “Rumours” in 1977 after Nick’s incorporation. The album produced four top ten singles including Nick’s “Dreams” that peaked at number one in the US and remained there for thirty-one weeks. In 1981, Nicks began her solo career and released “Bella Dona.” The album was an instant global hit and it has sold over eight million copies worldwide. After the success of her debut album, Nicks released six more studio albums that were certified platinum and gold status including “The Wild Heart” (1983), “Rock a Little” (1985), “The Other Side of the Mirror” (1989) and “Street Angel” (1994). The artist has received eight Grammy nominations as a solo performer while she received a Grammy Award for “Best Album of the Year” with Fleetwood Mac for the album “Rumours.” Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks performance will surely leave the audience in awe.
Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks have both had a fair share of struggle, but these music icons have managed to overcome their fears and hurdles and risen above them to reach a status only few have touched. The gifted artists are renowned for their alluring and mesmerizing stage presence and after delivering electrifying live acts for almost fifty years, the two stars definitely know how to enchant and sway their fans. By obtaining Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks tickets, the fans can witness the music titans embrace the same stage for an unforgettable evening.

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