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Rodney Carrington is an American standup comedian, country music artist and actor. He originates from Longview within the US state of Texas and has been active in the world of entertainment since 1993. His music and his comedy can be categorized as country comedy. To date, he has released six studio albums and one greatest hits compilation album. He has been signed onto record labels such as Capitol Records and Mercury Records. As a comedian, his routine is usually combine of standup comedy and original country music songs sung by him. His performances are therefore both a standup comedy performance and a live country music concert, definitely something to be seen live through Rodney Carrington tickets. He has starred in a number of movies and on TV including sitcoms like Rodney and popular movies such as Beer for My Horses released in 2008.
Rodney Carrington, a standup comedian and country music artist, first began performing standup comedy at local venues in Longview, Texas. He then began attracting more and more people when he appeared on radio on programs such as The Bob and Tom Show. In 1998, he released his very first major record label album. This album was titled as Hangin’ with Rodney and was released through Mercury Records Nashville. It contained comedy songs and country music songs, all sung by Rodney Carrington himself. It also contained a number of hit singles with the album itself charting on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In 2000, he released the album Morning Wood through Capitol Records Nashville. This album ranked in the top twenty of the Top Country Albums charts with one of this album’s songs charting on the Hot Country Songs chart. This album was then followed by Live: C’mon Laugh You Bastards, a live album.
In 2003, Rodney Carrington released the album Nut Sack through Capitol Records Nashville. One of this album’s songs, Don’t Look Now, charted on the Hot Country Songs chart. In 2004, he released a Greatest Hits album which contained two discs; one of these discs had standup routines recorded on it and the other had songs recorded on it. It also contained his first non-comedy song, Things We Didn’t Know. The same year, he ventured into the world of acting when he played a role in the sitcom Rodney, a sitcom based upon his own life. This sitcom aired on the ABC TV channel. In 2007, he released the album King of the Mountains which contained his second non-comedy song, Angel Friend. This song was a tribute to his friend Barry Martin who passed away in 2003.
In 2009, Rodney Carrington released the album El Nino Loco. This album was his sixth as part of Capitol Records Nashville. It contained mostly songs and was unlike his other albums which contained comedy routines as well as songs. In 2009, he also released a Christmas album titled as Make It Christmas which contained the hit single Camouflage and Christmas Lights. This single went on to chart in the top forty of the Hot Country Songs charts by the end of 2009. To date, Rodney Carrington has released five studio albums. Out of these albums, four have ranked in the top twenty of the US Top Country Albums. One of these albums has also ranked number six on the Top Heatseekers chart and also been certified gold by the RIAA. He has released one live album and one greatest hits album.
Rodney Carrington has also released seven hit singles. Three of his songs have had music videos made on them. His Greatest Hits album has already been certified platinum. In movies, he has starred in the film Beer for My Horses and also been the co-writer of the film. In 2011, he hosted the American Country Awards and also the American Country New Year’s Eve Live show on the TV channel, Fox. He is ranked as one of the top comedians by Pollstar according to gross income earned on tour in the past ten years. He has also been ranked amongst the top five comedians for the past several years and Rodney Carrington tickets are usually sold out for his performances held in the US and Canada.

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