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The hot news nowadays regarding instrumental music is that the well known Mexican guitar heroes of the music industry, Rodrigo Y Gabriela have recently moved on in style and are now joined by a thirteen piece Cuban orchestra. Rodrigo Y Gabriela & Cuba is their first event together and plans to offer something different other than the usual guitar noodling and rapid fire riffs. Rodrigo Y Gabriela & Cuba tickets are already high in demand for the upcoming event.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela & Cuba decided to join hands for exploring instrumental music and coming up with varied, classical set of melodies after an experience of ten years in the industry. The duo by now has a considerably strong idea of its audiences’ preferences. Since its formation in the early 2000s, it has released four studio albums experimenting with Latin and folk rock melodies. Currently it has adopted a brand new approach in diversifying from the heavy metal melodies, acoustic guitars and jazz beats and is majorly influenced by Peter Asher and Alex Wilson. Their upcoming album Area52 offers an orchestra of tight strings, piano, blaring horns and strong hand drums. If not a dream come true, this step certainly marks a milestone in the musical journey of the band.

In the past decade Rodrigo Y Gabriela has covered songs of Led Zeppelion, Metallica and other metal artists while making appearances in well known music festivals around the world. Not only this, it also made an appearance on television as a part of Monday Night Football entertainment after the launch of its fourth album 11:11. The fame of their instrumentals gave them the opportunity to play at White House where President Barak Obama praised them and introduced the duo to the Mexican President. This opened new doors of success for the two-piece internationally.

The very first collaboration of Rodrigo Y Gabriela & Cuba is given the title of ‘Area 52’, since it is for the first time that any Cuban band is playing with the duo. It is more like a step in the dark where the destiny is unknown as far as the experimentation with the melodies is concerned.

The thirteen- piece Cuban Orchestra is known to invite guests from around the world. Recently it invited Indian sitar star Anushka Shankar and Palestinian artist Le Trio Jourban. With the experience of playing with different guests, the band is talented enough to adjust to different beats quite well. Based on this capability it predicts joining up with Rodrigo Y Gabriela to work out positively as well.

The event Rodrigo Y Gabriela & Cuba is being anticipated greatly by a mix of audiences. People who love the folk, Latin and Jazz melodies happen to be a fan of the band already and now the x-factor added by the Cuban band to its music is attracting a number of fans from around the world. Rodrigo Y Gabriela & Cuba tickets are selling on unexpectedly high rates that indicate Area 52 to be a hit in future.

The merger with the Cuban band for the album was news big enough for the fans, but the duo doubled the excitement by announcing a live tour as well. The concert will feature all past and current melodies of Rodrigo Y Gabriela & Cuba starting from the time they showed up in the music industry, to date. It will surely be an amazing feeling traveling through the past ten years with the best instrumentals you have ever heard. Along with this, the event will also give Cuban band a chance to promote its music to a wider audience.

So the treat is ready for all music lovers! Come and get your share before you miss out on the chance completely!

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