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‘ Tater Salad’ of the entertainment industry, Ron White is back to crack you up with a good belly laugh! Cigar in one hand and a glass of drink in the other is his style! The artist specializes in country and observational comedy. His career has taken him from the cassette racks at truck shops to the renowned world stadiums. Today he is a shining star of the industry with an experience of more than a decade. His live performances are sold out way before the event whereas recorded ones are known to be a hot selling item. Ron White tickets to his upcoming live performance are high in demand already.

When we talk about talent, humor is something that naturally comes to Ron White. He was fond of storytelling since childhood. He would tell people how he grew up in a small town and then his experience in serving for the Unites States Navy and selling windows in Arlington to earn a living. His peers and friends always found a comic aspect in the way he narrated his story. Fate didn’t test his patience much and he got the chance to prove his talent as a comedian formally in gigs and local festivals. It was just a matter of getting the right opportunity. Ron White would not miss a chance of proving what he was capable of to the world. He would travel in trucks; move from town to town, across the country just for the purpose of brightening up few moments in people’s lives. He struggled hard in the early years of stepping into the entertainment industry. It wasn’t until 2000, when he performed with the world famous comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry The Cable Guy and Bill Engvall in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour . Years of his efforts paid off and it was the first international event to get his talent recognized to an audience from across the globe. The success of this tour was a milestone in Ron White’s career and since then there was no looking back. The artist received an outstanding response from people around the world and was encouraged to continue making people laugh with the same energy.

Ron White has released five solo projects and four compilation albums so far. His keen observations add color to the random events in life just by his tactic of portraying them in a comic way. The artist takes the influences from renowned comedians in the entertainment industry such as George Carlin, Sam Kinison and Jeff Foxworthy among others.

Ron White has a great list of credentials featured by Gold Records and two Grammy Award nominations for being the ‘Best Comedian’ to name a few. Apart from this he is ranked among the top three grossing comedians in Untied States and also is a part of three top rated Comedy Central Specials.

The world has appreciated his style of presenting comedy with a cigar and a glass of scotch. Critics have often commented on his way of conducting live performance but this is what people love about him. It gives him the right energy and makes him think creatively about the subject of comedy. His blunt and razor-sharp sarcastic comments make people expect the unexpected to come from him about the everyday events.

Ron White does not only conduct standup comedy shows but also has played a major role in popular television shows like Sex and the City 2 and the comedy movie Horrible Bosses .

Have you ever got a chance to be a part of White’s comic shows? Well if not, this is one opportunity! The artist is coming to your town for an exciting standup comic performance! Ron White tickets are high on sale already! Hurry and get them as soon as possible!

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