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Russell Peters is a Canadian comedian who was born in Ontario, Canada in September 1970. Born as Russell Dominic Peters, the comedy wizard is Anglo-Indian of descent. Though stand-up comedy is his prime forte` his repertoire also includes acting and playing a DJ (disc jockey). Russell Peters can claim to be one of the most popular comedians of the modern times. The DVDs for his show “Red, White and Brown” sold over 300,000 copies. Peters has been consecutively ranked by Forbes as one of the ten most highly paid comedians in the United States in 2009 and 2010. He is also the proud winner of the Gemini Award for Best Host or Performance in a Variety Series, for hosting the 2008 Juno Awards (better understood as the Canadian Grammies). He has also been nominated for a Gemini Award on four other occasions.

Peters’ parents hail from Calcutta India and immigrated to Canada in the mid-1960s. Peters received his early education in Brampton, Ontario where he was often a victim of racial bullying by his school mates. This experience in his life is reported to have significantly influenced his subject matter. While his father Eric Peters and brother Clayton Peters remained important influences in his personal life while growing up, artistically Peters derived most of his creative inspiration from legendary names in comedy, specifically George Carlin and Don Rickles. He also claims to find the works of Steve Martin and Eddy Murphy to be inspirational for his own artistic nurturing. His subject matter is primarily based on racial, ethnic and social stereotypes and multiculturalism of diasporic communities in the West. He often refers to his personal experiences of being a part of the Indian Diaspora in the West and the many hilarious idiosyncrasies of that community. It is probably his own status of being part of a minority group that gives him the freedom to poke fun at other such groups. The part in his performances where he mockingly mimics the accents of specific social groups has always remained an audience favorite. His punch line teasingly imitating an Indian father saying, “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad”, claims global fame now!
Russell Peters owes his momentous success to YouTube, as he himself has confessed publicly on numerous occasions. When Peter debuted in 1989, at the age of 19 for a Canadian comedy series called Comedy Now, he had limited success. It was after the advent of You Tube, fifteen years down the road, that Peter’s popularity gathered momentum as viewers uploaded snippets of his performance from Comedy Now, on the internet. The videos instantly went viral. As the cliché goes, the rest is history. Russell’s You Tube video have received more than 60 million hits on the channel to date. Some of his most popular works include the comedy shows Russell Peters – Outsourced (2006), the DVD Red, White and Brown (2008) and the recording of a live performance Russell Peters: The Green Card Tour (2011). Live performances remain his most entertaining presentations. He has the distinction of having performed for a diverse range of audience around the globe in countries including, but not limited to the UK, the US, Australia, France, New Zealand, Afghanistan, South Africa, India, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Canada, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bahrain, Jordan, Norway, Lebanon, Oman, and Pakistan. This record points towards his artistic appeal as well as the relate ability of his content across varied cultures and traditions.
Russell Peters has also made some very popular television appearances. One of the most notable among these is the special show telecasted in Canada on Christmas 2011 titled “A Russell Peters Christmas”. The show also featured Micheal Buble` and Pamela Anderson. Recently, Russell has published his autobiography titled “Call me Russell” (2010). The book is a recollection of Russell’s life and its significant experiences, and is more about him as a person rather than a comedian. Even though YouTube videos and DVD recordings of Russell’s performances are available everywhere the electrifying experience of watching him live is unparalleled. This is probably why Russell Peters tickets have a habit of selling out in the blink of an eye.  Get your Russell Peters tickets now and enjoy this comedy wizard at his absolute best, live!

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