Sade John Legend Tickets

Sade, the famous R&B group and John Legend, the nine time Grammy Award winner, will be performing together as part of a spectacular event. This amazing combo will play the very best of their music and each of them is a legend in its own right with millions flocking to their shows; both of them are bound to be something mind blowing, so catch them in a live concert filled with sweet music that will leave you dazing in happiness. And how can you watch both these incredible artists play? It is very very simple. Simply grab Sade & John Legend tickets and get going to the venue for the best time of your life.

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Sade, is an awesome R&B band that was formed back in 1983 and has been playing live music as well as releasing albums and singles since then. This talented group's music isn't just R&B, it is a unique blend of music from many genres; R&B, jazz, soul, funk and soft rock. This results in a mix of music that is signature to the band and something no other band can achieve as amazingly. The band is named after its lead singer, Sade Adu with the band's first album released in 1984 and titled as Diamond Life. This album was a top ten hit in the UK and sold a million records. Two years later, Sade was awarded a Grammy Award as the Best New Artist and went on to release many phenomenal albums. Today, Sade has sold fifty-million records all over the world with half of these sold in the US only. Now that is a legendary achievement making this concert worth watching.

Sade released their first single, Your Love Is King , in 1984 which was soon followed by their first album, Diamond Life, which charted at number two on the UK charts. It was later certified four times platinum meaning that it sold millions of copies. The band then went on a successful tour and released their first single in the US, Hang on to Your Love , at the end of the same year. The next year, Sade was critically acclaimed by bagging the acclaimed BPI Brit Award in the Best Album category. A single from this album, Smooth Operator , won two MTV Video Music Awards nominations with the band performing at the fabled Live Aid in the Wembley Stadium. This concert was watched by an audience of one and a half billion in over one hundred and seventy countries of the world, an incredible feat.

John Legend, born as John Stephens, is a renowned artist, songwriter, musician and even an actor in many movies. He has won nine Grammy Awards and is an amazing songwriter having been awarded the Starlight Award by the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He was a popular artist even before releasing his first album due to collaborating with established artists. He collaborated on the songs This Way and Selfish that were part of Kanye West's albums, Slum Village and Dilated Peoples. He has also performed with Jay-Z on his album, Encore, on Alicia Keys hit song, You Don't Know My Name and with Fort Minor, vocalist and rapper of Linkin Park fame in his song, High Road . He is also a pianist having played the piano for the song Everything Is Everything by Lauryn Hill. John Legend's first album was released at the end of 2004 and was titled as Get Lifted. It charted at seventh on the Billboard 200 and sold over a hundred thousand copies in its first week only. It went to sell an amazing three million records and had two hit singles; Ordinary People and Used to Love U .

All in all, this Grammy Award winning artist who has sold millions and the amazing band, Sade, that has also sold millions and won a Grammy Award are the perfect combination for a spectacular night of music and fun, all of it possible only through Sade & John Legend tickets.