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Formed in 1966, Santana is an American Band with flexible number of musicians. Santana was formed by Carlos Santana, Tom Frazier, Mike Carabello, Rod Harper, Gus Rodriguez and Gregg Rolie. The group is known for helping 'Make Latin Rock Famous in the rest of the World'. In the following years and decades the personnel of Santana changed frequently for a number of reasons. Later in 1972, there was a brief separation between the group and Santana.

Despite being the lead of the band, Santana himself rarely sings in his songs whose recent hits have been frequently accompanied by a guest singer. With Carlos Santana, Jose Chepito Areas, David Brown, Mike Carabello, Gregg Rolie and Michael Shrieve, the group inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

The history of the band Santana dates back to 1966 when Carlos Santana met with keyboardist Gregg Rolie in San Francisco. By the end of that year the duo formed the Santana Blues Band together with guitarist Tim Frazer, bassist Gus Rodrigues and drummer Rod Harper. Michael Carabello provided the third element to become the band Santana. The Santana Blues Band began to attract audiences and gained a loyal following. They were acknowledged widely for their version of Chicago blues.

By the time, the members of the band began to change as quickly as the band was gaining recognition. By the middle of 1967, the then mark tow version was back to the nucleus of Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Bob Livingstone on drums, Marcus Malone on percussion and David Brown on bass. Davis Brown turned out to be a fourth element in the band Santana.

During 1968, in parallel with the success of the band broke to prominence was Carlos Santana as a virtuous guitarist. It results in the invitation for him to play on the first upper session album titled 'The Live Adventures of Al Kooper...' As 1969 progressed the Santana Blues Band developed into a mark three version and the year brought a breakthrough in their career. The year 1969 followed their appearance at the Woodstock Festival in New York State where they received a standing ovation for 'Soul Sacrifice'.

The recordings which included the original versions of 'Persuasion' and 'Jingo' could easily be judged to the finished masters. These versions became the audition tapes and later the band signed an agreement with CBS. The label helped the band launching their way to international success. The session reflects the work of Gregg Rolie on Keyboards and vocals, David Brown on bass and Michael Shrieve on drums. This session perhaps most vividly explains the move from the blues band period to the highly distinctive music of SANTANA.

Whilst two of the tracks comprise little more than a jam session as the musicians got to know each other both 'Travellin' Blues' and 'With A Little Help From My Friends' take back to the roots of the Santana Blues Band. This double compact disc consists of all of the original Santana recordings into context. The group's historical worth is beyond doubt and after a half of the century; SANTANA has at last been given the prominence it deserves.

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