Sarah Mclachlan Tickets

Sarah McLachlan is a pop songwriter and singer who has gained much recognition of her soprano-mezzo vocal range and emotional ballads. According to estimates from 2009, the artist has sold more than forty million albums all over the world. Her best-selling album so far is called Surfacing, which brought her two Grammy Awards and two other nominations alongside four Juno Awards. Too add to her artistic credentials, Mclachlan is also credited with founding the Lilith Fair tour that is known to showcase women musicians. The Lilith Fait tour performances were scheduled between 1997 and 1999 and continued in the summers of 2010. Her vocals abilities in particular along with her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, have won her a large following that can only anticipate when next Sarah McLachlan tickets will be available.

Sarah McLachlan has been playing since a very young age and when seventeen, she headed a small rock band known as The October Game, which made a song titled Grind that appeared on Flamingo Records’ Out of Fog and a CD of the same name. After the first concert with the band, held at Dalhousie University where the group performed as an opening act for Moev, McLachlan received an offer of a recording contract from an indie record label Nettwerk. The artist, however, did not sign with the record till two years later when she had completed high school.  In 1988, she released her first studio offering called Touch¸ which was not only received well by pop fans and won her many more but was also critically acclaimed. Her most successful song form the album was Vox. In this time, McLachlan worked with Manufacture in one of their albums, after which she undertook her first tour of the USA as the show opener for the band The Grapes of Wrath.  
In 1991, Sarah McLachlan released her major commercial success album in Canada called Solace, which produced hit singles Into the Fire and The Path of Thorns. With this album, she stepped into partnership with Pierre Marchand, who has been collaborating since, with the latter producing several of her albums and frequently co-writing her songs. Two years later, McLachlan released Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, the album that became an instate hit in Canada, and in a couple of years broke through the international market where it went up the charts in many countries. After attaining much success from his album, the artist returned to the studio and released the album Surfacing in 1997, which is known to have sold more than eleven million copies all over the world. McLachlan then founded the Lilith Fair tour. Her track Angel, which was inspired from the death of Smashing Pumpkins’ keyboardist Jonathen Melvoin due to drug overdose, made skyrocketing sales. The song became a Number One on Billboard charts, and was featured in the movie City of Angels. The song remained on Billboard’s list of top 40 albums even after the movie was no longer available in the theaters and earned the status of four times platinum.
In 1996, Sarah McLachlan founded Lilith Fair tour, after experiencing frustrations with radio stations that would not feature two women musicians consecutively, and concert promoters who acted the same.  The very next year McLachlan herself was featured on Lilith Fair as its headlining act, which brought the touring enterprise sixteen million dollars in total, bringing it on top of all other touring festivals since it was the sixteen best-selling tour. In fact this tour gathered two million people in just three years, raising over seven million dollars for charities. This marked the most successful only-women’s music-festival while also being the one of the most enormous music festivals of the nineties that helped establish the many female artists such as Cole, Michelle McAdorey and Lisa Loeb.
Sarah McLachlan has won several awards over the years including a Billboard Music Award, three Grammys, eight Juno Awards, and three MuchMusic Video Awards, and many nominations. Get hold of those Sarah McLachlan tickets and don’t miss the legendary artist performing live.