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In the wild, Scorpions have been given a bad rap simply because of their menacing appearance. Nonetheless, they have been also been revered throughout human history, especially as one of the signs of the Zodiac. Yet there is another breed of Scorpions that have garnered legions of devotees by being elevated to the pantheon of mass musical worship. The German super rock band is fronted by lead vocalist Klaus Meine accompanied by James Kottak on drums, and powered up by Pawel Maciwoda on bass and Matthias Jabs and Rudolph Schenker on lead and rhythm guitars. The Scorpions have been "stinging" for over four decades and have been acknowledged as one the greatest hard rock acts by VH1. Their iconic tracks such as "Winds of Change" and "Rock You Like a Hurricane" have defined the rock music and political zeitgeist throughout the decades. Book some Scorpions tickets now to be stung by their melodious vibes and hard-hitting rock ballads.

The onset of the 1960s had already seen the rise of The Beatle. However, the mid-sixties saw another lot of musical insects emerge from across the English Channel in Hanover, Germany. The Scorpions crawled into existence when rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker started a band in 1965 whilst still a teenager, drawing inspiration for his guitaring and songwriting from the rugged riffs generated by bands such as Pretty Things, The Yardbirds and Spooky Tooth. Initially opting to do the vocals himself, Rudolph soon welcomed Klaus Meine to take over the vocal reins and his younger brother Michael to man the lead guitar in 1969. Later, the Scorpions reared up completely with the induction of drummer Wolfgang Dziony and bassist Lothar Heimberg.

The Scorpions almost saw themselves go down anonymously after releasing their debut record Lonesome Crow in 1972 when Michael Schenker was picked by the band UFO for whom the Scorpions had opened for during the seminal tour. However, the Scorpions were resurrected in 1973 when the elder Schenker and Klaus Meine joined the band Down Road and eventually constituted the Scorpions new lineup by incorporating Uli Roth on lead guitar and the trio of Francis Buchholz, Achim Kirschning and Jürgen Rosenthal on bass, keyboards and drums respectively. Though most of the new members of Scorpions stayed with the group for only a couple of years during the seventies, with Buchholz departing after a decade, the band has maintained a strong rolling lineup all along that has complimented the veritable Scorpions Schenker and Meine.

Seeing moderate success with their sophomore offering Fly to the Rainbow released in 1974 by RCA Records, that was followed by In Trance in 1975, the Scorpions pinched the "LP of the Year" with 1976's Virgin Killer then entered the German charts with Lovedrive three years later. The record peaked at the 11th spot in Germany and reached the 55th spot on Billboard 200, as well as breaking into the top-ten slot in the France. ‘Lovedrive’ garnered the Scorpions their first gold record not just in their home country but in France and the US as well and served as the harbinger of a multitude of gold and platinum records. With the follow-up ‘Animal Magnetism’ mirroring Lovedrive's performance on the charts, 1982's Blackout brought the Scorpions their first chart-topper as well as a sliding into the top-ten on Billboard 200. Winning 1982's ‘Best Hard Rock Album’ and spawning the Scorpions' first #1 single in the US with "No One Like You," the double platinum  record gave way to the triple platinum certification of Love at First Sting that unleashed the monster hit "Rock You Like a Hurricane" upon the suspecting Scorpions' fan base like manna from the musical heavens . 1988's Savage Amusement reprised its predecessor's Billboard 200 top-ten performance and 1990's Crazy World topped the charts back home as well as landing double platinum certifications in several countries. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, the Scorpions continued to release commercially successful albums that cemented their status as Germany's top musical export.

The Scorpions have been constantly touring through their 46-year history, having played some 5,000 concerts across more than 80 countries and being supported by the likes of Iron Maiden. They have sold over a 100 million records and clinched more than two dozen international awards and recognitions, including a trifecta of Bravo-Ottos and a double helping of World Music Awards. So latch onto some Scorpions tickets now to undergo a rejuvenating stinging by some edgy melodies and incisive sonic blasts.

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