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There is nothing in the world more exhilarating than getting the chance of watching a number of your favorite music artists perform live in front of you on a stage. This becomes much more of an experience when the artists involved are young and deemed to be the upcoming legends in the music industry. The chance to see a future legend would give you much more than mere fulfillment of a dream when, as a matter of fact, it would give you bragging rights to saying that you were present along with countless other people when a specific artist made his mark on the music world. The Scream Tour is one perfect example of such an event. It is a tour which has earned its name for bringing together the best emerging talents from across the globe to perform in front of a live audience in order to kick-start their promising careers.
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The Scream Tour is an annual event which plays hosts to a number of new superstars of the music industry and has rocked the music world over the decade of its existence. Over the past few years, it has featured artists like the illustrious Bow Wow, Bobby Valentino, the famous recording group B2K as well as many other talented artists just like them. It has, as a result of its success, the spirit of going forward and continuing with spreading the rich tradition it has started. It also has aimed to carry forward the legacy that it has been successful in creating over the past ten years. The Scream Tour, today, is aiming to grab hold of the opportunity by returning again and getting back to the benchmarks that resulted in making the event one of the most powerful and formidable forces to rise from the music industry all the way back in the year 2001.

This year’s Scream Tour will be featuring a whole new line-up of promising young talents who are aiming to make an impact in the hearts of the followers of the music industry. The tour this year will bring out one of the biggest heartthrobs of teens around the globe which include the teen sensations Mindless Behavior, a band of four which hails from the city of Los Angeles, which is best known for its hit single My Girl. The tour will also include the son of Hip-Hop legend Rev Run; Diggy. He is an artist who has shown considerable promise for the future and as a result was signed by the behemoths Atlantic Records. Diggy was nominated for the Rookie of the Year Award at the 2011 BET Awards.

Apart from the two artists mentioned above, this year’s Scream Tour will also be hosting a bunch of other promising talents. One of these includes the New Boyz, a band which hails from California and was nominated as the Best Group at the 2010 Black Entertainment Television Awards. The Group is the brainchild of Earl Benjamin and Dominic Thomas, two talented rappers and the considered to be the current crop of future legends. The next artist in line at the event is R&B recording artist Jacob Latimore, who is considered to be among the ones to look for in the future. The last two artists that will be performing at this year’s Scream Tour are R&B group Hamilton Park and OMG Girls. Hamilton Park is a newly formed group of four rappers who have been making waves across the R&B scene with their powerful lyrics and vocals, reminding people of proper old school rap. OMG Girls, on the other hand, consist of four girls and they take their inspiration from rappers like Lil Wayne, as two of the girls in the group are his daughters. They have also seen a considerable increase in their popularity over the past couple of years and are considered as emerging talents in the R&B industry.

This year’s Scream Tour promises to be one of the best in the event’s history. If you are a die-hard music fan and wish to see your favorite artists perform in front of you live on stage then this is your chance to make that dream come true. By ordering your Scream Tour Tickets today, you will ensure that you will be among one of the lucky few people who will get a chance to experience this grand event. It is a chance which not many people will ever be able to experience and one which you will cherish for the rest of your life

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