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The Shins, earlier called Flake Music, are a Portland-based indie rock group from New Mexico that was created in 1966. The band’s lineup comprises of Yuuki Matthews as the bassist, Richard Swift as the keyboardist, Joe Plummer as the drummer, Jessica Dobson as the guitarist and James Mercer as the lead vocalist and guitarist. The group has released four studio albums, several singles and EPs and many compilation collections. Their singles have attained international success in parts of Europe, including the UK and Canada; their single Simple Song from their album Port of Morrow, which was released in March 2012, entered the Top 10 in the United States, took the eleventh place on Canadian alternative rock charts and appeared on the hundred and ninety-second place on United Kingdom charts. In 2008, the group received a nomination for a Grammy Award in the category of Alternative Music Album for their studio offering Wincing the Night Away. The Shins tickets are a sure way to celebrating alternative rock sensibilities with elements of folk rock and dream pop.

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The Shins started in Albuquerque in 1966, as a small project for songwriter and singer James Mercer, whose foremost important occupation was his contribution to Flake Music. Mercer had created Flake Music in 1992, alongside Neal Langford as the guitarist, Jesse Sandoval as the drummer, Marty Crandall as the bassist, and Phil Higgs as bassist as well. In the next five years, the group released man singles alongside a full-length studio offering and started touring mainly owing to the assistance from other bands such as Modest Mouse. In 1966, Mercer started working on songs that would later become the first ever record of The Shins. Around this time, Flake Music had slowly faded and come to an end, offering Mercer an opportunity to make the EP Nature Bears a Vacuum, which was released through Omnibus Records. In their first few shows, the band played as a duo till Mercer recruited Sandoval as a drummer. Though Nature Bears a Vacuum was recorded with no intention or expectation of widening the band’s then current fan base, it certainly brought quite a bit of attention which convinced Mercer to gather a complete band. It was then that Dave Hernandez was brought in as bassist and Martin Crandall as a keyboardist. In a year’s time when the band worked on only half of the songs on their debut album, Hernandez quit the band and relocated to NYC. Neal Langford was then added as the new bassist and the band alongside Modest Mouse, went on a tour.
In 2001, The Shins moved to Portland, where the group started working on new material in Mercer’s basement. The album Oh! Inverted World was produced with a studio finish under Phil Ek, who had already worked with Modest Mouse and Built to Spill. By 2006, the group had undertaken in assisting to curate a version of All Tomorrow’s Parties festival. Their continuous touring of all the regions between Australia and Norway, and the United States repeatedly pushed sales over five hundred thousand all over the world.  Their album Chutes Too Narrow then debuted on the forty-seventh spot on the Top Hundred Albums list by Pitchfork Media in 2000-2004.
The Shins recorded their third studio album called Wincing the Night Away in 2006, while still in Portland, largely due to effort on Mercer’s part with production help from Joe Chiccarelli. The album was released in early 2007 and instantly appeared on number two in Billboard 200 album charts, and selling a hundred and eighteen thousand copies within its initial week, which is the most number of sales any album released through Sub Pop has ever attained. With hit singles such as Phantom Limb, Australia, Turn on Me and Sea Legs this album was nominated for a Grammy Award. The group released its fourth studio offering titled Port of Morrow in March 2012, and releasing its first single Simple Song, which entered the US Alternative Songs charts on the tenth place. Get hold of The Shins tickets and enjoy a rocking evening filled with Mercer’s guttural vocals and strong guitar riffs.