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Stevie Nicks is one of the most renowned and notable musicians of the past century who has managed to sway millions of hearts with her soulful voice and symbolic lyrics. The multi-talented artist has had a lively and colorful career as part of the popular band “Fleetwood Mac” and through her elaborate solo career. The artist has immensely contributed to music through her exceptional songwriting skills that have had a major influence on not only fans but also several renowned musicals. Nicks has noted to be an inspiration for popular female artists including “Dixie Chicks,” “Kelly Clarkson,” “Delta Goodrem,” “Sarah McLachlan,” “Taylor Swift,” “Nadia Ali,” “Sheryl Crow,” and “Courtney Love.” Various artists have covered Nick’s songs that have managed to peak high on prominent charts. Nicks has produced over forty “Top 50” hits while selling over hundred and forty million albums worldwide. The legendary artist has won several prestigious awards and nominations including eight Grammy nominations. Stevie Nicks continues her eternal journey and by grabbing Stevie Nicks tickets the audience can make sure to witness one of the greatest female artist perform live.

Born in 1948 as Stephanie Lynn Nicks, the artist joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975. The band had already established a wide audience and was a mainstream band. The band released the album “Fleetwood Mac” in 1975 after the induction of Stevie Nicks. The album was highly successful in US reaching five times platinum status and peaking at number one position. The success of the album was surpassed by the band’s second album “Rumors,” that was released in 1977.  Nicks contribution on the album came in the form of hit single “Dreams.” The single was the band’s only song to peak at number one position in the US that stayed there for thirty-one weeks.  The album was exceptionally successful peaking at number spot in UK, US, Australia and Canada. The album was certified nineteen times platinum in US, eleven times platinum in UK and thirteen times platinum in Australia, selling over forty million copies across the globe and becoming the eighth highest selling albums of all times.

While working along Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks also ventured into her solo career and in 1981 released her debut album “Bell Dona.” The album was an instant hit and peaked at number one in the US. The album has been certified four times platinum in the US. Nick’s debut solo album marked her dominance in the music industry and made her a part of an eternal legacy that continues to amaze and enthrall millions of fans across the world. Her second album “Wild Heart” was released in 1983 that peaked at number five in US. The second album featured singles including “Stand back,” “If Anyone Falls,” “Night Bird,” and “I will run to you,” that featured the “Heartbreakers” and “Tom Petty.” Nicks continued to release chart breaking albums that were complimented by enchanting music videos along with collaboration among celebrated artists including Warren Zevon, Kenny Loggins, Walter Egan, John Stewart, Marylin Martin, Phil Collins, B.B King and Ringo Star amongst several others.

Hailed as the “Reigning Queen of Rock and Roll,” by Rolling Stone, Nicks continued her musical journey and released seven studio albums that managed to reach multi-platinum and gold status. Nicks toured heavily throughout the world and played in front of packed crowd at sold out venues. Stevie Nicks has been an inspirational figure to numerous budding and aspiring artists. Her poetic and symbolic lyrics along with her visual appearance managed to start a revolution in music industry during the eighties. She has managed to enthrall and fascinate generation after generation with her work. In 1998, she was inducted into the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” with her band members from Fleetwood Mac. Her work as a solo musician as well as Fleetwood Mac member has garnered high acclaim and accolades for the artist making her one of the top selling artists of all times. Witnessing Stevie Nicks perform live is a sight that many cherish for a lifetime. The legendary artist sways the crowd with her vibrant and soulful performance. Her passion for music has allowed her to constantly revamp her style and produce chart breaking global smash hits that have mesmerized and captivated the audience at a global level. Her songs are so beautifully written that they still manage to peak charts and reinvigorate her legacy of the eighties when covered by new artists. By acquiring Stevie Nicks tickets the fans can make sure to catch the living legend perform yet again in all her glory.

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