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Grammy-nominated American melodic post-grunge/hard rock band, Stone Sour was founded by vocalist Corey Taylor and drummer Joel Ekman in 1992. They named the band after an alcoholic drink that is one part whiskey and one part orange juice with a splash of sour mix. Initially they played clubs and bars with various different guitarists, and then Shawn Economaki joined as the bass player. Stone Sour recorded two demo tapes in 1992 and 1994. James Root joined in1995 and they recorded another demo tape in 1996. Its songs were later used on their self titled debut album, Stone Sour released on 31 July 2002 in UK.
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Taylor left to join Slipknot in 1997 and the group disbanded as Economaki and Root also went ahead and joined the up-and-coming act. It was Ekman who stayed in Des Moines, and formed a family. Taylor worked with Josh Rand for a year and a half creating songs that were sufficiently good to record. Stone Sour produced a demo tape in 2000. They recorded an album under the name SuperEgo called ?Click Here to Exit? that it never released but earn them a RoadRunner record contract. The band went through a lot of name changes but as they were producing music that was true to their original style, they decided to stick to Stone Sour.

The band?s self-titled first album went on to become Gold aided by the song ?Bother? which was featured on the Spider-Man soundtrack. After a six month tour Stone Sour went on a temporary hiatus. In January 2006 the band began working on a follow up album but tragedy struck and Ekman left the project due to his son falling ill and later succumbing to a brain tumor. Roy Mayorga of Soulfly fame replaced Ekman and re-recorded the drum tracks.

18 tracks for their second album ?Come What(ever) May,? were recorded in Dave Grohl's recording studio, Studio 606. A video for the song ?Reborn? was released on 29 April which shows the band performing in a studio. Later, Roadrunner Records offered the song as a download. Six songs that were rumored to make the track listing were never released including Suffer, The Frozen, Fruitcake, Day I Let Go, Drama, and Freeze Dry Seal. They went on to tour with KoRn, Deftones, Flyleaf, Dir en grey, Deadsy, 10 Years, Bury Your Dead, Bullets And Octane, and Walls of Jericho on the Family Values Tour 2006.

Stone Sour officially joined the third Music as a Weapon Tour alongside Disturbed, Flyleaf and Nonpoint on September 14, 2006. They supported Evanescence on their January 2007 Canadian tour also headlined a UK & European tour, where they were supported by Bullets and Octane.

Stone Sour was joined by Lacuna Coil and Shadows Fall for the J?germeister Music Tour in spring 2007. A second UK tour of four dates including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow was played during March. Stone Sour fuses alternative rock with influences from heavy metal music such as distorted guitars and stronger melodies not heard in standard alternative rock. Currently featuring Corey Taylor, James Root, Josh Rand, Shawn Economaki and Roy Mayorga, the band may have another album out.