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The history of Hard Rock Bands can never be completed without an honorable mention of Stone Temple Pilots. The band rocked the 1990's with its irresistible charm and magical aura. Also known as STP, the band combines the talent of the vocalist Scott Weiland, drummer Eric Kretz and the brother duo of Robert DeLeo as bassist and Dean DeLeo as guitarist. The band saw many highs and lows since its inception in 1986 and is now on a comeback mission to give their fans a long-awaited treat of the hardcore rock music that is their trademark.
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Stone Temple Pilots was formed by Scott Weiland and Robert DeLeo who were dating the same girl. Besides the girl, they also shared the passion for music that made them start a band named "Swing". They were later joined by DeLeo's brother Dean DeLeo as guitarist while Eric Kretz joined them on drums. The band then started working on its debut album and kept struggling with its name. From "Mighty Joe Young" to "Shirley Temple's Pussy", they adopted and abandoned different names and finally settled for "Stone Temple Pilots" in 1992. Meanwhile, they also signed with 'Altlantic Records'.

"Core" was their first album that was released in September 1992. The band made a mark from its very first offering and tracks like "Plush", "Sex Like Thing" and "Creep" proved instant chartbusters. The album won them the American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock New Artist and Heavy Metal/Hard Rock New Artist. They also won MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist and "Plush" topped the Billboard Year-End Music Charts with the Top Album Rock Track. The hit single further paved their way to win the prestigious Grammy Award for best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal in 1994. Till now, "Plush" has remained as their greatest single in terms of popularity and sales.

Following "Core" was "Purple" that was released in June 1994 and topped the charts in United States with hit singles like"Interstate Love Song", "Vasoline" and "Big Empty". The album contained a variety of tracks ranging from classic to modern rock. It was an instant success and was sold three million copies in just four months of its release. Its singles became a rage and "Big Empty" was also featured in the soundtrack of the movie "The Crow".

Amidst all the success, the band also saw some lows when in 1995, its lead vocalist Weiland was arrested for possession of heroin and cocaine in California. Following his arrest, the Pilots separated for a short while. Experimenting with their music and relationship, the band released their third album, 'Tiny Music? Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop' in April 1996 that debuted at number four on the U.S. charts. The album saw a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance for the single "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart" in the year 1997. Singles like "Big Bang Baby" and "Lady Picture Show" also topped the charts for quite a while.

Although, Stone Temple Pilots maintained their fan base for long through commercially successful albums and hit tours, Weiland's drug addiction became a serious obstacle in the band's success. Therefore they had to cancel several tours. In 1997, Weiland went solo with '12 Bar Blues' while the rest formed band named 'Talk Show' but both met commercial failure. The band reunited again and released their fourth album 'No.4' that was released in October 1999. It topped the Billboard internet album sales for a week. Its single "Sour Girl" became a rage and was nominated for MTV Video Music Award and Billborad Video Music Awards. The song is considered as one of the biggest STP hits along with "Plush" and "Interstate Love Song".

STP's fifth offering was 'Shangri-La-Dee-Da' that contained singles like "Dumb Love" and "Hollywood Bitch". The album was released in June 2001. Soon after the release of the album, the band members again parted ways and started working with different artists. Weiland found success with his new band "Vevet Revolver" and also remained in the spotlight because of his criminal offences. Their fans, however, witnessed a compilation of all their biggest hits in 'Thank You', released in 2003.

This year the fans of Stone Temple Pilots are rejoicing as the band has announced a reunion after a hiatus of eight years. They are now touring different cities of North America. The band may also come up with another album that will surely be a massive hit considering their fan-following in USA and the rest of the world.