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The Summerfest Beach Boys event is part of theSummerfest’ which has been around since the late 60s and has become a historical celebration of music over the time. Legends like Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Tina Turner to modern day celebrity musicians including Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera and Nine Inch Nails have all performed on its stage. It is spread across eleven days and each year the festival presents a variety of concerts by different artists. This year, the Summerfest Beach Boys concert will bring to live stage ‘The Beach Boys’ as they will grace the festival to honor their fifty years together! So brace yourself to hear the timeless band perform at this grand forum.
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Every year this festival is organized at ‘Henry Maier Festival Park’ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.  The park stretches to a huge seventy five acres area and every time around one million people attend the various concerts in the Summerfest, arranged on its eleven stages, thus earning it the name “The Big Gig”. It is organized by ‘Milwaukee World Festival’, a philanthropic organization that works for several humanitarian initiatives. The congregation is enormous not only in terms of the people who ‘attend’ the festival, the number of local and national  bands which perform also touches colossal numbers like 700 and thereabouts. The Summerfest Beach Boys concert is expected to touch epic proportions as the band last performed at this festival about two decades ago.

As the name suggests, the festival kicks off in the summer months and lasts for eleven days; from the end of June up to early July including the momentous Fourth of July. Its name was included in the Guinness World Records in 1999 as “The World's Largest Music Festival”, so get Summerfest Beach Boys tickets and witness what the excitement is all about.

The Summerfest is truly versatile in the music that is presented by its participants including genres like Contemporary, Pop, Hard rock, Alternative, Reggae, Americana, Bluegrass, Blues, Gospel, Country, Electronic, Folk, Funk, Metal, Hip hop, Jazz, R&B and Rock. Once you have bought the admission ticket for the festival, you can enjoy shows other than the Summerfest Beach Boys concert as they are free except for the main acts to be performed at the ‘Marcus Amphitheater’. Besides a great collection of music, there are a lot of other fun things to do at the festival like shopping, comedy acts, enjoying gorgeous fireworks at the opening night and loads of family activities.

The Beach Boys started their music journey at about the same time as the Summerfest premiered. This band was formed in Hawthorne, California in 1961 by the three Wilson brothers, Brian, Dennis and Carl along with their friend Al Jardine and cousin Mike Love. Rising to popularity with their brand of Rock music, they engaged the youth with their songs based on the popular Californian culture and featured subjects like romance, surfing, cars and the beach of course! As time progressed their style evolved into the Psychedelic rock in the later part of the sixties and saw them releasing their eleventh album ‘Pet Sounds’ in 1966. The single "Good Vibrations" from the album is their biggest hit till today and was number one on the US and UK charts at the time. Their music transcends generations and in the fifty years that the band has been around, they have come up with about thirty albums keeping their old fans loyal while attracting the attention of the youth in each of their music eras. The Beach Boys have toured around quite a bit and their name has gone down in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1985 as they performed in Philadelphia in front of a crowd of one million and 750,000 people in Washington during the same day! Join the band at the Summerfest Beach Boys concert and see why their timeless hits over the glorious fifty years are fresh in the minds of music lovers even today.
Lauded with the ‘Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award’ in 2011, the band is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary by touring the Summerfest. Get Summerfest Beach Boys tickets as the music legends grace the stage of the festival and promise to create romance with their live performance as always! 

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