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System Of A Down Deftones Tickets

It goes without shadow of a doubt that System of a Down is among some of the most popular and successful hard rock bands of our generation. The group is known for a wide array of hit singles including B.Y.O.B, Aerials, Hypnotize, Chop Suey, Toxicity and a lot more. Originally hailing from Southern California, System of a Down or SOAD has gone over to enjoy widespread fan following in almost all parts of the world.

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The group comprises of Shavo Odadjian, Serj Tankian, Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan. System of a Down came in existence back in 1994, and since then till 2006, the group has released a total of five studio albums, all of which enjoyed significant amount of both critical and commercial success. Out of these five albums, three of their albums even debuted and peaked at #1 spot on the U.S Billboard 200. Over their years of play, the group has also nailed numerous Grammy Award nominations and also claimed a Grammy for their song B.Y.O.B for the category of Best Hard Rock Performance. While at the peak of their success, the group decided to go on hiatus; but quite recently the group reunited yet again. Not just that, the group has also decided to embark on a System of a Down tour to celebrate their reunion along with a fellow American Alternative Rock band, Deftones. So if you wish to see the best that the hard rock genre has to offer, System of a Down and Deftones tickets can grant you your wish.
Before the reunion of the band was finally made official on November 29, 2010, the rumors of SOAD’s reunion already started to spread over the worldwide web. The reunion was made official inevitably, following the announcement of band’s performance at an European festival in 2011. Later on it was also confirmed by the band that they’ll also be performing in Moscow in June 2011. Several other dates for live performances in both North America and Europe followed in shortly.  
On their official website, in order to increase fan activity, the group kicked off a competition to help select a set list for their shows during summer. The group asked from the fans to vote for their favorite songs and submit a set list, and winner would get a pair of tickets to the SOAD concert in their region. The competition resulted into entries of numerous diehard SOAD fans from all parts of United States.
Later on October 2, 2011 the group also performed at the Rock in Rio Festival in Brazil which was then followed by one more concert in Brazil as well as one concert each in Chile, Mexico and Argentina. The group is expected to keep on performing live, although a new studio album hasn’t been confirmed by the band as of yet. As one of the headlining acts, the group also performed at the Soundwave Festival in 2012. This marked their first performances in Australia in 7 years. Furthermore, the group is also expected to headline at Heavy T.O Festival, and Heavy MTL Festival. But other than these, System of a Down Tour with special guests Deftones, is still the most anticipated of them all. Both the groups will be performing nineteen shows in North America along with Deftones as a part of their reunion tour. The tour, on the whole, will comprise of forty four shows in total including twelve shows in Europe, eight in Oceania and five in Latin America.  
So for those of you who have been eagerly waiting to see System of a Down perform live once again in your city, now is the time to get your System of a Down and Deftones tickets. This is undoubtedly one of the most highly anticipated rock concerts of the year, so grab your tickets beforehand.