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Despite being in the spotlight for only three years, Taylor Swift has become one of the greatest artists of our time and has sold millions of records and broken many records to become the biggest name in the world of pop right alongside the greatest artists. This awesome singer and songwriter also happens to be a musician and an actress. Born in 1989, Taylor Swift released her first song in 2006 which was titled Tim McGraw after which she released her debut album, Taylor Swift , an album that was certified multi-platinum having sold millions of record. All of this while she hadn’t even graduated from high school. That was just the beginning. In 2008, Taylor Swift became a stunning singing sensation with the release of her second album Fearless . This epic singer behind the sensational hit song, Love Story , performs incredible concerts and if you are her fan, we don’t need to tell you to quickly book your Taylor Swift Tickets as you should know very well that missing on this chance will be your loss only.

Fearless earned Taylor Swift four Grammy Awards and both her albums, Fearless and Taylor Swift , charted at the top of the of the charts. In only two months, her second album had sold two million records and broke the record for being the album to have stayed for the longest time on the Billboard 200 charts. It remained at number one for a record eleven weeks, around three months. She was then awarded the Artist of the Year award by Billboard magazine in 2009. Taylor Swift’s third album, Speak Now , was an even greater hit. Released at the end of 2010, it sold a record one million fifty-thousand copies in its first week only. Now that is a legendary singer who stands out because of her immense talent and a singer truly worth seeing live through Taylor Swift tickets.

Back in 2008, Taylor Swift had already made her mark. Two of her released albums sold a record four million copies and this made Taylor Swift the Best Selling Musician of the year in the US, passing even the great pop singers of that time. This undisputed Queen of Pop achieved this after hardly releasing two albums and singing for just a year. She was also ranked as one of the Best Selling Artists of the Decade by Billboard magazine and by 2010, she also became the Most Successful Digital Artist in the history of music having sold thirty four million tracks online, an incredible mind blowing gigantic record.

By 2011, Taylor Swift had far passed pop singers who had been singing far longer that she had; in terms of sales, over twenty million albums had been sold and thirty four million singles had also been sold. This country pop singer is also hardly one of those who just happen to start singing pop and get heard because of their glamour and looks; she is both beautiful and very talented. She won a national poetry contest when in fourth grade and learned to play guitar at the age of ten writing her first song, Lucky You . Taylor Swift also wrote a three hundred and fifty page novel when she was only twelve showing that this is a pop singer with excellent brains.

Taylor Swift regularly wrote songs by then and used them as an outlet for her emotions. She was performing at festivals, karaoke contests at that time and was an instant local hit. By the age of fourteen, she was visiting Nashville and was working with songwriters and soon moved their. Her first big show was at the Bloomsburg Fair and she was fond of country music by the likes of Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline. She sang the national anthem at the US Open tennis tournament when she was twelve and while performing at a Nashville venue, she was hired by Sony/ATV Tree publishing house as a songwriter, the youngest ever hired.

Thus, by the age of fourteen, Taylor Swift was a professional songwriter added to being a singer. Her debut self titled album, released in 2006, charted high on the Billboard 200 and sold a record forty thousand copies in its first week only. It then spent twenty four weeks on the charts, becoming one of just three singers to have achieved thus. Taylor Swift has been described by the New York Times as being ‘one of pop's finest songwriters, country’s foremost pragmatist and more in touch with her inner life than most adults’. Thus, you have a golden opportunity to see her live through Taylor Swift tickets in all her glory.

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