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Tech N9ne Machine Gun Kelly show features the two renowned American rappers Aaron Dontez Yates, popularly known as Tech N9ne, and Richard Colson Baker, better known as Machine Gun Kelly or simply MGK. Tech N9ne alongside Travis O’Guin created the record label called Strange Music. Throughout his years as a rapper, Tech N9ne has sold more than one million albums while his music has also been featured on TV, video games and films. He won an MTVu award in 2009 for Left Field Woodie at the Woodie Awards.  His professional name is inspired from the TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun, which was gifted to him by fellow rapper Black Walt on count of his unusually quick rhyming style. MGK gained prominence with his initial four mixtapes including Lace Up, 100 Words and Running, Homecoming and Stamp of Approval. He signed a record deal with the company Young and Resltess Clothing in mid 2011, and later that year won the MTV title of Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2011. In 2012, he again won an MTVu award in the category of Breaking Woodie. Among rap lovers, Tech N9ne Machine Gun Kelly tickets are all the hype these days, given the high profile performances of the two artists.

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MGK who will soon perform on the upcoming Tech N9ne Machine Gun Kelly concert, went to compete at the Apollo Theater in early 2009, where he won consecutively marking the first time a white rapper won at the venue. He is known to record music in his studio at home, which he calls the ‘Rage Cage’. His early composure includes Sucker Free Freestyle on MTV2, where he performed many freestyle phrases taken from his single Chip Off The Block.  In the beginning to 2010, he released his very first mixtape titled 100 Words and Running, and a few months later, by the month of May, he debuted on the national front with his single Alice in Wonderland and its corresponding video, a tune found in the compilation called Midwest Block Starz. By the November of that year, the artist released yet another mixtape called Lace Up, featuring the Cleveland home ground anthem that is played at the home games of Cleveland Cavaliers. The tape was recorded in the short span of three months of a creative breakthrough.
The latter from the rap Tech N9ne Machine Gun Kelly performance, released an album in 2012 titled Half Naked & Almost Famous through his newly signed Bad Boy record label. The album peaked at the forty-sixth place on US charts, on the tenth spot on US R&B charts and on the ninth place on US Rap charts. His hit singles include Invincible from Lace Up that peaked on the hundred and eight place in US charts, and Wild Boy featuring renowned R&B artist, Wacka Flocka Flame from Half Naked & Almost Famous.
Tech N9ne, in his earlier days was part of a band created in 1991 named Black Mafia, with whom he attained small and intermittent success, until the group disbanded. A decade later he released a studio offering titled Anghellic through JCOR Records, the release of which involved several disputes with the label. Then in 2002, he released another album called Absolute Power, an album that right away appeared on number seventy-nine on Billboard 200, and its sales were reported to have gone up three times after its campaign through which music listeners were asked to download the album without any payment. In 2006 he released yet another album called Everready, a year after which he released the album Misery Loves Kompany. Tech N9ne, who will soon prove his rapping might at the live Tech N9ne Machine Gun Kelly show, has released more than twelve studio album to date, alongside three extended plays and one mixtape called Bad Season.
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