Tesla Tickets

Tesla is coming to your city for a live concert. For all the metal and rock fans out there, this is the time to buy your Tesla tickets and get a chance to witness the performance of this sensational band from the era of the 80s.


Formed in 1984 in Sacramento as City Kidd, and renamed in 1985 as Tesla, the American hard rock band achieved success in a very short span of time. Only in United States the band sold over 14 million albums. The band emerged in the days when hair metal was on its peak, however its music’s popularity is equally indebted to 70s style hard rock as well as contemporary blues.


The band consists of Jeff Keith as the vocalist, Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch as guitarists, Brian Wheat as bassist and Troy Luccketta as the drummer. Even before the band formally became “Tesla”, this lineup used to perform for quite some time. Hence they named their group Tesla, after an eccentric inventor with the same name who got recognition for his work quite late after his actual achievements.


Their debut album Mechanical Resonance, was released in 1986. It hit the charts as a blockbuster and reached number 32 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Tesla deals with various music styles, mainly Hair Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop Metal and Album Rock. Their second album The Great Radio Controversy is a testimony to the fact that the ability to create this fusion of music led the band to differentiate itself from its contemporaries. If you are a fan of any of these genres then this is the time for you to claim your chance of an amazing live concert. Get your Tesla tickets today and join the rocking event.


Even in its peak popularity days, the band stayed low profile in terms of its members. Rather than taking the stardom head on, Tesla opted to strip things down. In 1990, the band released a “Five Man Acoustical Jam”, an endeavor which was previously unheard of. It was a pop-metal band playing informal, loose cover versions of some of their own best known songs, in addition to few songs by Stones, CCR, the Beatles and some others as well. This Five Man Acoustical Jam not only made it to the top 20 and attained a Platinum status, but it also acted as a reminder of the fact that acoustic music could be both vital and vigorous, with its relaxed vibes and energetic beats.


The band had undergone many ups and downs within its own structure over the years, but it has been able to maintain its popularity regardless. Dismissal of a member, breakup of the band and then reunion again after a couple of years, although have affected the internal environment of Tesla by a great deal, the music that the band produced has always been able to maintain its charm and following over all this time.


Fluctuating music environment, particularly related to the genres that Tesla operated in, combined with departure of Tommy Skeoch from the band came as a blow to the band. Tesla tried to further itself as a quartet, but the ultimate charm and chemistry of the band had been torn apart. Finally the band broke up in 1996. In 2000, the band attempted a small reunion, but like some magic bond it turned into a full-fledged endeavor, and the band re-launched itself with equal swag as before. In 2001 the talented group released a two-disc live album, “Replugged Live”, which topped the charts and marked the reunion tour for Tesla.


Tesla’s latest album released in 2011, titled “Twisted Wires & the acoustic sessions”. It consists of wonderful melodies, vocals and acoustic guitar tunes. The band is expected to feature songs from this album in their upcoming concert as well. Tesla is known to give fans a rocking time in live shows. Amazing beats, spectacular performances and geared up, energized fans cheering and dancing give the concerts an exotic feel, particularly for those who admire rock music. If you are also one of the rock or metal devotees, this is an extraordinary chance for you to be a part of a breathtaking live concert. Get your Tesla tickets today and join in the fun.