The Cheetah Girls Tickets

The original movie Cheetah Girls was produced by The Disney Channel in August 2003. This movie get famous as The Cheetah Girls TV series, The Chettah Girls 2 and The chetta Girls 3.

The Chettah Girls film becomes popular due to the band The Cheetah Girls. There are three girls in this pop band and they are Adrienne, Sabrina is from TV. The chetta girls decided to make a band. They have produced so many songs and now become most wanted band.
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Just in two years The Cheetah Girls gained the biggest fan franchise and these cheeta Girls high rated DVD release. Everyone wants to see them once in life. The Cheetah Girls did their first song on DisneyMania, covering the song "I Wont Say (I'm In Love)". After this they have recorded next song, "Shake A Tail Feather".

The chetta Girls Band has released their first album in 2005 named as, cheeath licious Christmas. It was a Christmas album.

Boys and girls of every age are fan of The Cheetah Girls.. All the cheetah girls perform well on the stage. They kept on doing continuous effort to improve their performance and dance along with a lot of variety. Their best songs include "I don't wanna be like Cinderella.

Cheatah Girls play a family music and everyone can enjoy it with his family. The cheeath Girls are planning to release their fourth album in 2007. Cheatah Girls have make up their mind that they will not do any Christmas album again, they will produce something else which you never have seen.