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2005 produced a super hit single ‘How to Save a Life’ that instantly created a buzz in the music industry about the pop rock band The Fray. It was like a gateway to success for the group and honored it with a number of Grammy and Billboard Awards in the categories of ‘New artist of the Year’, ‘Digital Album of Year’ and others. The band’s fame is majorly accredited to its simple and emotive musical style that sounds great especially during a live concert. The Fray tickets for the upcoming event are high in demand already.
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The Fray was formed in 2005 when two former school mates with common interests met in a music store after years. Back in school Joe King was famous for his guitar strumming abilities and Isaac Slade was good with playing piano. After their reunion they discussed about starting something of their own in the line of their interests and ended up in forming the band The Fray.
The duo included a couple of other members in the band to formally start working on albums and came up with its first hit single ‘Over my head’. It was the first public effort on the group’s part which worked out immensely well in attracting major record labels to sponsor their future album releases. The band did not take long in coming up with their first studio album ‘How to Save a Life’, which in the first year of launch secured top positions on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, Billboard Adult Top 40 and other international hit lists. Its fame did not fade away with time but instead honored the band with more recognition. It became the fifth most downloaded single in the following year after release and was also featured in the famous television series Grey’s Anatomy.  The smoke of fame cleared with a double Platinum certification when the band announced the launch of its second album.The Fray has released three studio albums so far. The outstanding fame of the debut release made the band confident about its music which proved true when its second album was claimed by the critics to be How a Save a Life – Part 2. With the intention of coming up with a different set of melodies, the band released its third album ‘Scars and Stories’ a couple of years later with hit songs like ‘The Fighter’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Here We Are’ and ‘Burning’ among others.

The Fray for its lyrics takes the inspiration from the everyday issues in life and the common problems faced by people. The common themes of the band’s songs include happiness, relationships, death, sadness and war. These are the subjects that hold the utmost importance in life. Happiness when shared brightens up the moods of people, while sadness when shared makes one feel lighter. The band intends to achieve this through its music. The honest nature of their lyrics has been lauded by the critics.

By looking at the list of achievements of The Fray it is hard to believe that it hasn’t even completed a decade in the music industry. The band has received a number of Grammy nominations for singles including ‘How To Save A Life’, ‘Over My Head’ and ‘Never Say Never’. Apart from this, it is honored with four Billboard Music Awards that builds up its credibility in different categories.

The Fray in its musical tenure has worked with many well known artists including Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen to name a few. Band’s music reflects the positives of these artists. You might have heard the band on radio or on CDs and iPods but have you ever got a chance to listen to them live? It will surely be a wonderful experience! The Fray tickets are available already! So hurry and get them before it is too late!

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