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They say that the third time is a charm after your first two attempts have been rendered unsuccessful. However, the alternative rock band Thrice have infused themselves with copious amounts of charm right at the outset. They have been emanating their rock laced vibes for almost a decade now, and have been steadily releasing their records along the way that have posted fairly impressive peak positions on Billboard 200 when considering their experimental rock and post-hardcore sound. Their recording repertoire entails a quartet of top-ten albums, including two chart-toppers, both themselves an amalgamation of the base elements of rock music fused together in an alchemic manner. In the case of Thrice, "Beggars" can be choosers and so can you by getting some Thrice tickets.
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During the late nineties, when the world was dreading being bitten by the so-called Y2K bug, the four current members of Thrice were leading out their typical teenage years. Having attended the same high school and hanging out in the local skate park, Dustin Kensrue melded his guitaring and vocal prowess with the stringed panache of Teppei Teranishi and Eddie Breckenridge as well as the burgeoning banging of drummer Riley Breckenridge, Eddie's younger brother. Initially having opted to call themselves Thrice out of desperation, the band members agreed to stick with it as the moniker's appeal started to stick. After amassing substantial recording material, Thrice cut their debut record Identity Crisis with Paul miner of Death by Stereo and self-released it as a 12-track LP. However, as the gigs started lining up and Thrice's fame began to gather steam, they came into the notice of Sub City's Louis Posen who after signing them in 2001, facilitated the release of their debut LP the following year.

Though the record failed to make any headway in the charts, Thrice's sophomore offering The Illusion of Safety shattered any apprehensions that the band might have had and peaked at the 14th spot in the US Indie chart. Displaying a pop instinct that called for comparisons with the contemporary rock & roll sound, the album gave way to Thrice's third studio offering The Artist in the Ambulance that was released under Island Records and climbed up to the 16th spot on Billboard 200. The record also made its presence felt on another island by beaching on the 109th spot on the UK albums chart, besides spawning hits such as "All That's Left" and "Stare at the Sun". The quirkily titled Vheissu, containing elements of Japanese folk music, floated up to the 15th position on Billboard 200. Tracks such as "Image of the Invisible" and "The Earth Will Shake" encapsulate the holistic spiritual vibe of the record and others such as "Red Sky" indulge the listener in heady electronica.

With 2007's The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II, that ingrained the base elements of fire and water, Thrice achieved their first chart-topping record, whereby establishing themselves as a commercially viable act. The album, released under Vagrant Records, clocked 28,000 sales within its first week and besides peaking at the 24th spot on Billboard 200, topped out at the 5th position iTunes top-selling albums ranking. The follow-up The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV - Earth & Air also mirrored its predecessor's performance on the US Indie chart and upped the ante by climbing to the 17th level on Billboard 200. Both the albums attempt to explore the symbiosis between humans and their seminal elements.  Thrice retained their US India top-ten billing with 2009's Beggars and 2011's Major/Minor.

Since the onset of the 2000s, Thrice started doing rounds of the local concert venues with Hot Rod Circuit as well as Midtown then toured with bands such as Further Seems Forever, Hot Water Music, Coheed & Cambria and Face to Face in support of their later albums. In 2006, Thrice not only headlined the ‘Taste of Chaos’ tour but also made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, performing "Image of the Invisible". The rest of the 2000s were marked by tours with acts such as Alkaline Trio, The Gaslight Anthem and Rise Against as well as performances at The Bamboozle Left and the Warped Tour. Their songs "All the World is Mad" and "Deadbolt" were even picked for the 5th edition of the popular video game Guitar Hero. So for being hammered with bolts of electrifying music that will make you go melodiously mad, bag some Thrice tickets on the count of three!

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