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Toby Keith & Brantley Gilbert show is a love concert by two American country musicians. Gilbert is singer-songwriter who based in Jefferson, Georgia, who has released two albums through Average Joe’s Entertainment Group, while he has also recorded some of his tracks with Jason Aldean and Colt Ford. By February 2011, the singer signed up with another label, Valory Music Group, through which he released his chart-topping single Country Must Be Country Wide. He then released a deluxe version of Halfway to Heaven in September 2011, just two months before his earlier single climbed up the number one spot on the charts of Hot Country Songs. Keith is a producer, actor and singer-songwriter who released his earliest four studio offerings in the 90s, including his debut album Toby Keith, Boomtown, Blue Moon and Dream Walkin’, and an additional album of Greatest Hits with Mercury Records. All these albums attained the ranks of gold certified or higher, producing many chart-hitting singles such as Should’ve Been a Cowboy that took the top place in country charts in the 90s while also being the most popular song of the decade. The track has since received over three million spins as reported by Broadcast Music Incorporated.  Owing to the high credits of the two country musicians, Toby Keith & Brantley Gilbert tickets are expected to bring us quite a performance.
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Gilbert’s first album called Modern Day Prodigal Son, was initially supposed to be released by the end of 2006, but got delayed till themed of 2009, when he finally signed with Average Joe’s Entertainment. This album was followed by Halfway to Heaven in 2010. By early 2011, Gilbert signed the Valory Music Group in its Big Machine Records’ division. After signing with the new label he then released Half to Heaven again in the form of a deluxe edition with extra songs. Keith signed with Nashville DreamWorks in 1998, after which he released his major commercially successful single titled How Do Like Me Now?!. This song topped the charts of country songs and is considered to be among the best tracks produced while he was still signed with DreamWorks. His following three albums titled Pull MY Chain, Shock’n Y’all and Unleashed gave him three more chart-toppers, all of which peaked at Number One, while all the albums went platinum multiple times. Keith then released another Greatest Hits album in 2004, after which he released yet another studio offering called Honkytonk University.  Toby Keith & Brantley Gilbert will perform some of their most popular songs in their live show.
Toby Keith & Brantley Gilbert, are both incredible songwriters; Gilbert has been known to write songs that were cut by Jason Aldean and Colt Ford. The hit tracks My Kinda Party and Dirt Road Anthem, became huge hits for country musician Aldean and were on his 2010 album called My Kinda Party. Both the songs were initially recorded on Gilbert’s first album and were also added to his second one. Aldean cut another one of Gilbert’s tracks, The Best of Me, which is otherwise available on the iTunes release and Wal-Mart exclusive of his album Wide Open from 2009. Keith has been writing his own songs throughout his career, writing one his biggest hits in 2001 when he wrote Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue, which is a son about father’s faith and patriotic values for the US. At first he only sang it in his live performances, refusing to record it on a studio album, but the song received such favorable reactions from the fans that Keith felt obliged to the nation to put it in an album. He released it as the lead single on his 2002 studio album Unleashed, after which it climbed up to the Number One spot and stayed there through the Fourth of July. The Toby Keith & Brantley Gilbert show will include their original tracks from such likes.
Toby Keith & Brantley Gilbert will be throwing hell of a performance by playing their recent hits from Keith’s most recent album Clancy’s Tavern and Gilbert’s chart-topping tracks like Kick it in the Sticks, My Kind of Crazy, Them Boys and You Don’t Know Her Like I do. Get those Toby Keith & Brantley Gilbert tickets, and be there to witness the most rocking country music performance of the decade.

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