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Whenever she performs the audience get spellbound due to her mesmerizing voice and stunning looks, yes she is the very gifted and elegant Tori Amos. This gorgeous singing diva has definitely proved that she is the uncrowned queen of piano rock, alternative rock as well as art pop. Tori Amos has been in the music industry for more than a couple of decades. Fans of Tori Amos now you can watch your favorite singer live at a venue near you so don’t miss this chance, get Tori Amos tickets from us for a joyous musical evening!

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Tori Amos full name is Myra Allen Amos. She belongs to Newton North Carolina and was born in the year 1963. She was into music from an early age, she had started composing music pieces and plying the piano while she was just five years of age. She also got a chance to study music on scholarship Peabody Conservatory of Music but her scholarship was cancelled as she didn’t take serious interest in reading sheet music and was more into rock and pop. While in college she kept on writing and composing music and went on to play piano at various local clubs around the city of Washing D.C. Eventually at the age of 21 Tori Amos went to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. During the 80’s decade she formed her own band called Y Kant Tori Read, the band also released an album that was self-titled but it was a commercial failure.

Tori Amos then embarked on a solo career, she was signed by East West Records and Amos released her first solo album called Little Earthquakes in 1992. This album earned 2x Platinum certification in the US and managed to chart in countries like UK, Canada, US and Australia. This proved Tori’s worth to fans as well as the critics, she went on to release yet another fantastic album called Under the Pink in 1994. This effort of Amos received good reviews and became her first album to land at #12 on US Billboard and #1 UK charts. The album again earned 2x Platinum in US, Platinum in UK and Gold in Canada. Her third album was Boys for Pele was released in 1996, it was recorded in a church and Amos experimented in this album by using instruments like clavichord, bells, bagpipes and harmonium to give the album a baroque, darker and unique touch. Boys of Pele till date remains Tori Amos highest charted album as it landed at #2 on both UK and US charts and #6 on Canadian and Australian charts.

Tori Amos released two more Platinum certified album From the Choirgirl Hotel (1988) and To Venus and Back (1999). After that she has released seven more albums but none of them has been able to achieve the popularity like her previous albums. She has recently released her latest studio album called Night of Hunters through Deutsche Grammophon Records, the album managed to chart at #24 and #27 respectively on US and UK Charts. Apart from twelve studio albums she has also got two live and three compilation albums to her name. Twenty-seven of her songs have been made into music videos. Throughout her career she has been signed by many famous record companies like Sony BMG, East West, Universal and Atlantic Records. Some of her famous hit singles include “Professional Widow”, “God”, “1000 Oceans”, ”Crucify” and “Cornflake Girl”.

Fans Tori Amos has been nominated for the prestigious Grammy Award ten times, this clearly indicates the immense potential she has. If you want to have a melodious experience then you must attend her upcoming concert, get your Tori Amos tickets only from us for a memorable evening!

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