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Trace Adkins is an amazing multi-faceted musician that has gone on to become one of the biggest names in country music history. Just like his songs, Trace is now the heartbeat of millions of fans around the world who simply cannot get enough of him. One of the biggest strengths of this amazing artist is to stay true to the style of music he is known for even if others are crossing over to the popular rages of the time. Fans, you simply cannot afford to miss out on an opportunity to buy Trace Adkins tickets to watch him perform live.
Trace Adkins was born on 13th January, 1962. He was exposed to music at a very early age by his father who taught him how to play a guitar. This love and fascination for all things music turned him into a member of a gospel music band the New Commitments during his high school years. He then went to the Louisiana Tech University and became a member of the university’s football team. His first job was at an oil rig where he lost one of his fingers. He requested the doctors to fix that finger at a specific angle so that he could continue playing his guitar.
His love and dedication for music took Trace Adkins to various local clubs for small gigs but that wasn’t what he wanted to be. His dreams were much bigger than that so he went to the holy grail of country music, Nashville to kick start his career as a singer. During his initial years he used to play at various honky tonk clubs and bars in and around Nashville and it was one of these gigs that helped him take his first steps to stardom.
Trace Adkins talents were first spotted at a honky tonk bar where an executive of Capitol Records was in attendance. The name of that executive was Scott Hendricks and he knew he had a gem right in front of him. Capitol offered Trace a contract that he signed without thinking twice because that was the moment he had been waiting for all his life.
Adkins launched his professional career in mainstream music with the release of his track There’s a Girl in Texas in 1996. The song was an instant hit and he followed it up with platinum certified debut album Dreamin’ Out Loud the same year. The album was a huge rage right from the word go and included hit tracks like Every Light in the House and I Left Something Turned on at Home that both reached the top five on the Billboard charts. However his biggest hit from the album was (This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing which went straight up to the top spot. If people hadn’t heard of Trace Adkins before they sure had heard of him now.
He followed that up with his second album Big Time in 1997 which was another hit and showed the world that Trace Adkins was more than just a one hit wonder and that he was here to stay for a long time to come. He has continued to remain at the top of the charts with hit albums like Chrome in 2002, Comin On Strong in 2003, Songs About Me in 2005, and Dangerous Man in 2006. Trace has also released two Greatest Hits volumes in between all this as well to huge acclaim.
Trace Adkins has also acted in a TV serial The Young and the Restless and movies like An American Carol. He also went as a contestant on the hit reality program The Celebrity Apprentice where he played to generate money for a charity called Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.
Trace Adkins is an artist that has come through everything life has thrown at him to remain at the top of his profession. One of the biggest names to have come out of country music, he has developed a fan base that buys Trace Adkins tickets for every performance of his. He has made sure his music never gets stagnant by changing with the times but has kept true to his style of music which is a hallmark of a true champion.

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