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Trailer Park Boys is a live comedy show based on the comedy series of the same name, created by Mike Clattenburg. As one of the most popular comedy TV series in USA and Canada, it has led to a live show featuring same members of the cast as that of TV series, performing episodes and routines at several venues. For a fan of this comedy TV series, this is one live performance that is a must see via Trailer Park Boys tickets. This mockumentary production is also written by Mike Clattenburg along with John Paul Tremblay, Robb Wells and Barrie Dunn. The live show is directed by Mike Calttenberg.

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Trailer Park Boys the comedy TV series starred many famous actors including Robb Wells as Ricky, John Paul Tremblay as Julian, Mike Smith as Bubbles, John Dunswort as James Jim Lahey and Patrick Roach as Randy. The character Lucy is played by Lucy Decoutere while Sarah E. Dunsworth playing Sarah, Barrie Dunn playing Ray, Tyrone Parsons playing Tyler and Jonathan Torrens playing Jamie. Other main characters are played by Cory Bowles, Michael Jackson, Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart and Shelley Thompson. To date, Trailer Park Boys has seen around seven seasons and over fifty episodes. It was originally broadcast on the Showcase TV channel and ran from 2001 to 2008. It was followed by two different movie versions; Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, released in 2006 and Countdown to Liquor Day, released in 2009.
Trailer Park Boys’ amazing story features a number of residents living in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. It first began back in 1998 as a short film featuring two criminals and was followed in 1999 by a black and white movie of the same name. This movie was showcased at the Atlantic Film Festival where it attracted Barrie Dunn, a producer, who saw its potential as a TV series. At first, the team showcased their proposal to The Comedy Network and then to the Showcase TV channel which then aired the first season of the comedy series. This series became a massive hit in USA, Canada and a number of other countries. Members of the cast went on tour with bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Our Lady Peace and also featured in music videos with bands like The Tragically Hip, Snow and George Canyon. Some famous artists have had guest appearances on the series including Alex Lifeson from Rush, Rita MacNeil, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row fame and Denny Doherty.
Trailer Park Boys is currently the highest rated show on the Showcase TV Network and also aired on The Comedy Channel in the UK and Spain’s Paramount Comedy. It is also aired in Ireland, Iceland, New Zealand, Netherlands, Israel, Denmark, Portugal, Germany and most of Europe. In 2009, performances by the members of the cast took place in various venues in Canada including the Massey Hall located in Toronto.
Trailer Park Boys is a blockbuster comedy TV series and its cast has hosted the award ceremony of 2006 East Coast Music Awards. It is therefore one comedy crew to be seen live for an experience that will be far better than that of its TV or movie editions. Book your Trailer Park Boys tickets and enjoy this hilarious broad comedy.

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