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Perhaps the only band which has successfully blended heavy metal and hard rock with symphonic, classical, and orchestral music, Trans-Siberian Orchestra or TSO hails from New York City. The band has earned the distinction of being one of the very few bands which have sold most number of tickets from 2000 to 2010. TSO has also been one of those bands which have sold albums in millions, all over the world. While almost all of their albums have done extremely well both commercially and critically, Night Castle , remains their magnum opus which is contained in two-discs. The band has also acquired fame because of their unique concerts which are full of pyrotechnics, video screens, laser lights, and a full orchestra.
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TSO came into being in 1993 and presently consists of musicians like Robert Kinkel, Jon Oliva, Al Pitrelli and Paul O’Neill . It is O’Neill who has always been a driving force behind the success of TSO. In addition to being an exceptional musician, he has also been a manager, record producer, concert promoter, and a writer, working with bands like Scorpions, Joan Jett, AC/DC, Humble Pie, and Aerosmith. It was while working for another progressive metal band, Savatage, that he met his present day TSO band members. These musicians par excellence were always interested in starting a band which did music like no other band; amalgamation of rock music with classical music. TSO band members were and still are heavily influenced by the Temptations, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, The Who, Yes, Queen, and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Although Trans-Siberian Orchestra is an American band, it however has a very Russian name! The story behind the band’s naming is as interesting as its name. O’Neill, who has been to Russia visited Siberia as well and was impressed by its beauty but also appreciated the hardships it brought to its residents. Having returned back to the United States he opined that Trans-Siberian Railway is the only constant element of happiness in the lives of Siberians. Similarly, music is the only constant in our lives which could always be counted upon for joy; hence the name Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

TSO made its debut in the world of music with the release of Christmas Eve and Other Stories , which was released in 1996. It was based on Christmas theme but was essentially a rock opera. It was a hugely successful album both commercially and critically. The album would on to become certified double platinum, selling well over 3 million records worldwide. It is also ranked at no. 9 on the best-selling Christmas album chart in the United States. In addition to earning loads of money for Trans-Siberian Orchestra, it also had the critics raving, with Allmusic reviewing it with 4 out of 5 stars.

Night Castle was released in 2009 and within no time the album had reached position no. 5 on the Billboard Charts. It would also go on to become certified gold record, with skyrocketing sales all over the world. It was particularly liked for its version of “O Fortuna”, by Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana . As mentioned above their magnum opus is in two volumes with the 1 st volume being primarily on a rock opera and the 2 nd volume being primarily on TSO paying tribute to their influences.

One of the most appreciable facts about this band is that it is heavily involved in charitable work, no matter where it is. It is one of those very few bands which donate $1 if not more to a local charity of the city in which they are performing. To date, Trans-Siberian Orchestra has donated over $10 million to both national and local charities in the United States. This is indeed a praiseworthy habit, which very few bands practice, irrespective of their net worth. TSO in your city thus is a win-win combination; great music with charitable work!

So as this awesome band comes to your town, an opportunity arises for you to be live in audience, enjoying the music you have only heard on your stereo system so far! And by being one of the patrons of TSO you are also doing your community a favor! So what is the wait for, this is a win-win situation! Buy your Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets now!

If you want to rock and roll and witness the most happening concert of the season, then you should be all set for attending this event. So what is this event all about, well we will not surprise you further as your very favorite Trans-Siberian orchestra is going to give the most dazzling performance of the season. This rock band has stolen the hearts of millions of fans and this time too, the Trans-Siberian orchestra is coming to mesmerize you. You will feel the thunder and experience the richness of true music as the Trans-Siberian orchestra will perform all live for you. So be prepared and buy your Trans-Siberian orchestra tickets now so that you undergo an out of this world feeling this time.

Trans-Siberian orchestra is a progressive rock band which started off with its performances in 1993 as Paul O Neil initiated it. They immediately acquired a huge place in the hearts of people and their fans who loved their live performances and concerts which were full of vibrant colors and hit numbers. Trans-Siberian orchestra focuses on heavy metal, symphony, classical and orchestral music and of course they are known for producing some of the best numbers under these music flavors. The band has incorporated these many flavors and has given their fans what they have always wanted from them.

The Trans-Siberian orchestra is really famous for blending in the festive mood into their songs. In fact, most of their live performances are based on Christmas themes. When the Trans-Siberian orchestra started off their performances, they debuted with their Christmas-themed rock opera which was called Christmas Eve and Other Stories. Moreover, their release of the 1998 album The Christmas Attic came up with some real great memorable numbers that it impressed millions of people out there. The Trans-Siberian orchestra also released Beethoven’s Last Night and the Lost Christmas Eve during the period 1998 to 2004 which were one of the most unforgettable Christmas records of this era.

The Trans-Siberian orchestra has been performing in live concerts, on television and radio and has gained a lot of success as far as Christmas songs are concerned. However, these songs were not always their identity as they diversified into a number of different tracks which created the right blend of various music types. The fact that they are able to work with fusion and are able amalgamate rock with classical tunes is something really commendable. The Trans-Siberian orchestra is just loved by their fans for delivering the diversity that has always been demanded by the fans. So you can expect anything and rather a lot of variety from this great orchestral band.

Trans-Siberian orchestra is known for making live tours as they love to unveil their future tracks or tracks near release to their audience. They build suspense and give some beautiful surprises to their audience. Their latest album for example the Night Castle was released in 2009 which contains some of the most ravishing tracks of the era. In this album, the tracks Nut Rocker and Requiem have gained immense popularity. Trans-Siberian orchestra released their latest album titled as Future. This album has covered a lot of themes and has brought in all elements of rock. It not only includes the Christmas numbers but you will also get to hear some of the best rock numbers by the band.

Trans-Siberian orchestra has worked on various medleys, theme songs and songs which have inspired from some of the greatest singers and bands of the past such as The Beatles. This makes them unique and makes them stand out from the rest. Trans-Siberian orchestra are known for making unforgettable tours for their fans and this time you shall be witnessing the tour the band will perform upon. It is all about hits and numbers that will flatter you and bring your inner self out to dazzle with the music. Trans-Siberian orchestra possesses that charm and this time they shall unwind the magic upon you.

All you people out there get prepared to listen to get some electric jolts and sweet festive melodies as this versatile group unveils another surprising performance only for you. Trans-Siberian orchestra is going to imbue you in their colors once again and make you rich with musical colors all over. Be ready to enjoy to the maximum and we shall give you the best deals to charm up this rocking event. So get going and grab your Trans-Siberian orchestra from us as soon as you can.

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