Trombone Shorty And Orleans Avenue Tickets

If you want to be a part of an exhilarating musical show, Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue tickets are what you need to get. Shorty is a wonderful trombone and trumpet player. He plays in the Orleans Avenue band since 2009. Being a part of Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue will promise you some great music that you will cherish forever. This guy is a superb entertainer and knows how to make you clap your hands to his music. Live performances by him are certainly worth your money so there is nothing to think twice; go grab a ticket for the show now!

Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue will allow you listen to some of the best works by this band. As Shorty is an expert in rap, jazz and funk, those who enjoy these genres will love to be a part of this concert.  Coming from a family of musicians, love for melody is in his blood. This is why Shorty started playing trombone when he was only 6. As a child, he also took part in brass band parades. It is interesting to know that he became the leader of the band when he was still a kid. Very few have such natural talent and Shorty is certainly one who is a born musician.

Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue is a perfect event to discover this master. Shorty’s real name is Troy Andrews. The career of this music sensation has been very interesting. During his teens, he was a member of the Stooges Brass Band and also attended the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. He has been a featured guest on "Hey Troy, Your Mama's Calling You". Besides, he also played on "Where Y'At". In 2006, he started working with U2 and Bob Ezrin. He performed with U2 and Green Day as well. "O Holy Night" is a great single by Shorty which he produced along with a group of New Orleans musicians.

This music icon has a number of achievements in his share. He was named as the performer of the year by Offbeat, Orleans’ music magazine. Also, he has the honor of being entitled as “the Best Contemporary Jazz Performer”. By attending Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue you will get the opportunity to experience this wonderful musician up close. His shows are overflowing with entertainment and are a great source of fun for all those who love music. They are a perfect extravaganza for those who want some good time and forget about their worries. Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue will also give you a chance to unfold the latest project of this music sensation called the “Orleans Avenue”. It is a funk/pop/hip-hop mix which includes various musicians such as Mike Ballard, Dan Oestreicher, Dwayne, McFatter, Murano and Peebles. You will also get to hear his best works such as “Backatown” which topped the popular music charts and stay on top for several weeks.  

The band has toured a number of places around the world where they have made the audiences go crazy with their unparalleled music. It has been to America, Europe, Brazil, Japan as well as UK. Also, Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue has played in various tv shows like Conan, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Bonaroo and more. “For True” includes his recent work that was released in 2011. Other great works include “It's About Time”, “12 & Shorty”, “The End of the Beginning” and “Orleans & Claiborne”. Shorty has also produced various live albums. 

Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue is this season’s best events. This is why if you miss it you will certainly be very unlucky. Before you lose all hope, grab Trombone Shorty Orleans Avenue tickets to look forward to a wonderful musical night full of fun. You will never regret being a part of this electrifying performance in your city.