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Tyga is the stage name of California-based hip hop rapper Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, signed with Universal Republic Records, Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records. The artist gained prominence with the release of his first single titled Coconut Juice, which also featured Travie NcCoy, who is Stevenson’s cousin. Some of his hit tracks include BedRock, Every Girl, Cali Love, Wassup and Where Am I. Born in 1989, the young R&B artist has already made thirteen mixtapes between 2007 and 2011, which include namely Young on Probation, Well Done, Black Thoughts, Fan of a Fan, The Potential, and Outraged & Underaged, among several others. In 2009, he made a collaborative album with Young Money Entertainment called We Are Young Money. He has also released two solo albums titled No Introduction and Careless World: Rise of the Last King. Tyga’s fresh talent is particularly inspiring for other young aspiring hip hop musicians among whom Tyga tickets are considered to be a new treat.
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The first album released independently by Tyga was his debut album No Introduction, which was released in 2008 by Decaydance Records. One of its tracks called Diamond Life, received much popularity in media usage since it was featured in the Need fro Speed: Undercover video game, Madden 2009 which is an American soccer video game and in the 2009 film called Fighting. Among Tyga’s several mixtapes, Fan of a Fan received the most popularity with both Tyga and Chris Brown, while the album was produced by the DJ Rockstar and DJ III Will. The mixtape also features other prominent artists including Lil Wayne, Kevin McCall and Bow Wow. Four songs from the album including Deuces, No Bullshit, G Shit, and Holla at Me, were accompanied with music videos.
The release of the Fan of a Fan album song called Deuces, was in the form of a debut single from the mixtape, and became a special hit by reaching the fourteenth spot on Hot 100 on Billboard, while taking the top most place on Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs chart on Billboard. The tune also received a nomination for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. The track Deuces, among other songs, was featured on the fourth studio album titled F.A.M.E by Chris Brown. In an interview with MTV, Tyga mentioned that the mixtape was recorded in less than a week.
Tyga’s second album Careless World: Rise of the Last King, shows the artist’s move towards his previous rapping style in his collaboration album, while it excludes the pop dance elements that were so amply used in No Introduction. According to the artist this change in tone and style goes to show that though he has grown up, he can still relate to the younger crowds.
Tyga released another mixtape called BithcImTheShit, which was intended as preparation for his second studio album. Its first single titled Still Got It came out in the October of 2011, and climbed up to the eighty-ninth spot on the Hot 100 songs charts by Billboard. The second single called Rack City was officially released the same year in December, immediately taking the ninety-first spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, and continued to soar up high climbing to the eight spot. This particular song was initially listed on Well Done 2, which was one of Tyga’s mistapes, but the artist included it in the studio album because of the track’s commercial success and rising popularity. The fourth single titles Faded was officially released in the January of 2012, and instantly went to the hundred and twenty-fourth place on the Hot 100 charts.
Some of the singled which Tyga has contributed as a featured artist include Chris Browns’ Deuces,  Birdman’s Loyalty, Trai’D’s Popular, Jawan Harris’s Keisha, Travis Porter’s Ayy Ladies and YG’s Snitches Ain’t. All of these songs were released in or after 2010, and have attained high chart positions among the top hundred tracks in UK, US, or in NZ. If you want to attend a hip hop performance that incorporates some brilliant rapping with it dance tunes then get those Tyga tickets now.

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