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U2, the name that is on the lips of every fan of rock and anyone who listens to music, is one of the greatest rock bands this world has ever seen and even after many years, U2 still tours and plays live music at many venues all over the world. This band’s songs are popular not only in their native Ireland and the UK but immensely so in the US and all other regions. Formed back in 1976, U2 is made up of the following artists; Bono the lead vocalist who also plays guitar, The Edge playing guitar, keyboards and also lending vocals, Adam Clayton as the band’s bassist and lastly, the drummer Larry Mullen, Jr. who also plays percussion. Thus, their no need to convince any rock fan of grabbing U2 Tickets since millions will be after them and you should hurry up and grab them now.

Hailing from Dublin in Ireland, this Irish rock band has played music from the post punk genre, from the pop genre and, of course, rock. U2 has its own signature sound that perfectly blends easily heard vocals with melodic music from the various instruments topped off by The Edge’s sensational guitar plays.. The band’s lyrics focus on personal issues, spiritual issues, social and political issues. The members met back at the Mount Temple Comprehensive School, formed U2 and were first signed onto the label, Island Records.

U2 released their first album through Island Records and it was titled as Boy . It was an immediate success and just a few years later, by the 1980s, the band had gained recognition as a famous international group playing all over the world. Unlike other bands, U2 was first a popular live performer and then a successful record seller when other bands start with successful albums and go to successful live performances. U2’s breakthrough album was released in 1987 and it was titled as The Joshua Tree , which was termed by Rolling Stone magazine as having raise the band ‘from heroes to superstars’.

U2 experimented with new music in the 90s and released the record breaking album, Achtung Baby , in 1991. This album featured many new tracks in which U2 had blended in music from industrial, alternative rock and dance genres. U2 released several such albums in the 90s and came back in 2000 with the groundbreaking album, All That You Cant Leave Behind , an album that was a big commercial hit and also critically acclaimed. All in all, U2 has released twelve albums and is considered as one of the best selling bands in the whole world. In terms of sales, U2 has sold a record one-hundred and fifty million albums with this number increasing each day.

When it comes to awards and critical acclaim, U2 is certainly better than the best. U2 holds the record of winning the most Grammy Awards, having bagged twenty two of them. This spectacular band was also inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Game and Rolling Stone magazine has placed them in its 100 Greatest Artists of All Time lists. U2 isn’t just a band that releases albums and plays music at concerts; it is also a band that is trying its best to make changes and fight for the right cause. They have campaigned for many human rights causes such as Amnesty International and ONE/DATA campaigns both as a band and as individuals with Bono and The Edge regularly seen at many fundraising and goodwill concerts.

U2 released the album No Line on the Horizon in 2009 and it was an immediate hit; it topped the charts in the US as well as the charts in around thirty other countries showing that isn’t just any other band. This album was also rated five stars by Rolling Stone with the band going on the phenomenal U2 360 Tour the same year. This tour features a spectacular 360 degrees stage and audience setting that is unlike any other tour. It was also phenomenal because it became the highest selling tour in the history of music netting around six hundred million dollars and breaking the previous record. Now the upcoming tour is also expected to recreate this magic so be sure to get hold of U2 tickets for a taste of this legendary band!

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