Utah Symphony Romeo And Juliet

Utah Symphony Romeo And Juliet Tickets

Utah Symphony presents Romeo and Juliet, a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s all time favorite love epic. Romeo and Juliet has been a source of inspiration for many artists and music composers. This presentation is an effort by the Utah Symphony’s conductor/ Music Director Thierry Fischer, who has created a staging of Hector Berlioz’s Roméo et Juliette, Dramatic Symphony. Featuring the Utah Symphony Chorus along with the talented Tenor Jason Slayden, Mezzo-Soprano Tamara Mumford and Baritone Eric Owens; Thierry Fischer as conductor will deliver Berlioz’s symphonic side of Romeo Juliet’s tragic love story.

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The concert has many highlights, with Berlioz’s Romeo and Juliet, as the ultimate emotional and romantic drama standing as the feature presentation. However, the show also includes an enlightening symphony by the conductor Julian Kuerti. The maestro will replay the signature theme music created for the Five Sacred Trees Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra. This John Williams’ work will be steered by Principal Bassoon, Lori Wike and performed by the Utah Symphony.

The main act of the concert is Utah Symphony Romeo Juliet, a vivid depiction of love and hate that portrayed via the romance, love, emotions and seperation experienced by Romeo and Juliet together. The show begins with a brilliantly crafted music that is thoroughly romantic and exquisite to the core. The onset of love form Love Scene, to the tragic death of the couple mourned by Queen Mab Scherzo encompasses the theme of the concert beautifully.

Hats off to Thierry Fischer for letting his music reach out to the most refined literature piece and facilitate its meaning with an awe-inspiring score. From Prokofiev’s Selections from Romeo and Juliet to Orchestra Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture; every act touches hearts of listener. Robert Schuman’s Concerto in A minor for Piano along with the other scores has rediscovered Romeo and Juliet in its own way. Schumann's effort is a masterpiece alike Prokofiev’s and Tchaikovsky’s works; a thrilling romantic Piano Concerto.

Romeo and Juliet world's most renowned loved lovers but the Utah Symphony Romeo Juliet has made them legendary. The symphony performed by the orchestral duo makes this Shakespearean epic quiet powerful. Prokofiev and Tchaikovsky justify the romance between the lovers and foresee how sacrifice saved love from disaster. The tragedy of seeing young love shell via magic of orchestral affecting scores is emotionally rewarding.

The exuberance of the show must also accredited to the singers and performers whose painstaking efforts have made Utah Symphony Romeo Juliet a reality. A feast for the eyes and ears the symphony and the vocals have collectively made the concert a worthwhile watch. The fantasy overtures of this classic tale were best absorbed by the vocal trio of Mumford, Slayden and Owens. The chorus of the Orchestra tags along well to make this rendition of the Romeo Juliet story characteristically charged. Laced with the fuel of love, passion and hate, this concert must be envisaged and appreciated for detail and intricacy.

The ninety minutes presentation of Utah Symphony Romeo Juliet is the evening against will be a festive treat for classical music lovers. The concert invites everyone to witness a timeless love tale via the play of love’s immortal symphony. Utah Symphony Romeo Juliet tickets offer the best date night out that is not only exciting but totally classy. To enliven senses with mesmeric music and fascinating drama get hold of Utah Symphony Romeo Juliet tickets soon.