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Van Halen is one of the greatest rock bands this world has ever seen, a legend amongst legends when it comes to the world of rock and hard rock music. Originating from Pasadena within the US state of California , this is a band regarded as one of the best in hard rock and whose music is also regarded as one of the earliest forms of heavy metal. This band was found back in 1972 and is a band that was responsible for the rock revolution that took place in the seventies and went on in the eighties. When it comes to record labels, this band has been signed onto Interscope Records and Warner Bros. Records. This band has also spun many more acts including The David Lee Roth Band, Extreme and Chickenfoot. This is a band no rock fan needs to be told to see live; thousands have already done so through Van Halen tickets and thousands more continue to do so today.

Van Halen’s lineup today consists of the three Van Halen brothers, Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen and Alex Van Halen as well as David Lee Roth. Past members of this hard rock legend include Mark Stone, Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Gary Cherone. This legendary band first came to fame back in 1978 when it released its first self-titled debut album. By 2007, this band had already sold over eighty million albums and is the band with the largest number of number one hit songs on the Billboard Mainstream Rock charts. The RIAA ranks this band as the nineteenth Best Selling Band or Artist of All Time and its sales in the US alone amount to more than fifty six million albums. This is a figure that very few pop stars can match and it is made even more mind blowing by other facts.

Van Halen is one of only five rock bands that has had two of its amazing albums sell over ten million copies in the US . The band’s self-titled debut alone is certified diamond by the RIAA in the US in terms of sales more than ten million. Not only is this is a band that was commercially successful and popular, it was also a band that made headlines and spawned some of the greatest rockstars the world has ever seen. It was the focus of massive press coverage as well as controversy. The band went shortly on hiatus after their tour in 2004 and returned in 2007 to continue rocking the world after a reunion with vocalist David Lee Roth. This occurred at the same time that the band and all of its members were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In 2007, Van Halen kicked off a North American tour that went well into 2008. This was a massively successful tour that was filled with sold out shows. In 2011, the band began plans for a 2012 tour as well as the planned released of their very first album after fourteen long years. This album is titled as A Different Kind of Truth . This band has an incredible history behind it; two of the Van Halen brothers, Alex and Eddie, had music lessons at a young age courtesy of their father and soon they began performing music in the sixties. At this time, Alex played the guitar whereas Eddie played drums and piano. In 1972, the two brothers founded the band Mammoth with Eddie as the lead vocalist, Alex as the drummer and Mark Stone as the bassist. The brothers met David Lee Roth from whom they took a sound system on rent and then invited him into the band as the lead vocalist. The band changed its name to Genesis and then changed its name to Van Halen, a name suggested by David Lee Roth.

Today, Van Halen is a band that reigns supreme over the word of rock, hard rock and heavy metal. It is a band with its own dynasty and a band with a legacy. Watching such a band perform live is the best thing a fan can do, through Van Halen tickets, and it is an experience that is unforgettable. This is a band which has sold more than eighty million albums as of 2007 with fifty six million of the albums sold in the US . Its debut album alone sold over ten million copies in the US , an eye popping feat.

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