Vicki Lawrence Tickets

The Emmy Award winning comedian, Vicki Lawrence is now ready to enchant you with her spontaneous sense of humor. She started her career at the  age of 24 with her television name, Thelma Harper, or more so “Mama” which was widely famous amongst her fans. From the beginning of her career, she gained a strong fan following due to her subtle comic remarks. After the popular ‘Burnett Show,’ she got the opportunity to star in “Mama’s Family” which topped the ratings throughout the six-years of its running.

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The versatile comedy artist was born in California. Even during her school days, she was known widely for her dancing and singing skills. Her friends and teachers saw her potential and soon she was labeled with the “Most Likely to Succeed” title by her graduating class. She sang with the Young Americans group for a brief period of time. She also appeared in the film “The Young Americans” in the early phase of her career. This role led her to win an Academy Award for the ‘Best Documentary.’ She was also was also able to secure herself a position in one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States, UCLA where she studied Arts.
Vicki was able to charm the famous American actress comedian Carol Burnett when she invited her to the Miss Fireball Contest. She performed so marvelously that she was chosen by Ms. Burnett to play the part of her younger sister in her new variety series. Vicki enthralled everyone with her performance in the “Carol Burnett Show” which started in the fall of 1967. The program earned her one Emmy Award including five Emmy nominations.
Lawrence captivated her fans with her amazing voice and her fame reached another level when she recorded the hit single, “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” in 1972. This track became immensely popular amongst her fans. Over the next decade, she worked hard and recorded three more singles which again proved successful.
She continues to charm her fans with her super hit show, “MAMA - A Two-Woman Show.  Her love for theatre is evident in her live shows. She has not only been a successful artist herself but also served as a source of inspiration for many upcoming and aspiring comedians.
The famous television star is ready to amaze her fans yet again. This is the ultimate opportunity to watch the versatile artist in person. She will truly surprise you with the multiple talents that she carries. So brace yourselves for a performance that you are sure to remember for a long period of time.