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Not one but two of the best American jazz, R&B, funk, and soul bands are arriving in your city to perform a concert never seen and heard of before! These legendary bands have given you unforgettable all-time favorite songs like “What Is Hip?” “So Very Hard To Go”, “You’re Still A Young Man”, “The Cisco Kid”, “Spill the Wine”, and “Low Rider”, amongst countless others. Yes, you guessed it right, War and the Tower of Power are about to rock you in your own city! Over the years, both bands have released one hit album after another, with most of them either becoming certified platinum or gold records. Still going strong after all these years, there is nothing like them, especially when the two are performing together! War Tower of Power concert is bound to become the funk concert of the decade!

It is not very often two that two of the best bands team up to entertain their fans, no matter where they are! Now that the two have finally come together to perform in your city, under one roof, this is your once in a life time opportunity to watch them play their best music and that too live! Buy War Tower of Power tickets today and enjoy the live music of these legendary bands for the price of one! The bands have had a marvelous and unmatchable record in terms of releasing critically acclaimed and commercially hit studio albums. Both of them started almost at the same time and not only broke previous records but also cultural and social taboos. War Tower of Power are indeed two of the very best bands that America has ever produced!
War, over the years has re-defined reggae fusion, funk rock, soul, and electric blues music. Formed in 1969, the band is one of the most commercially successful bands ever with global record sales exceeding 50 million. Based out of California, these maestros of fusion music have also been one of the first to have a multi-ethnic line-up. Previously, the bands were either all-white, or all-black. War has released several studio albums, compilation and live albums, out of which The Best of War… and More, and Greatest Hits have been certified as platinum records. Other albums like The Music Band, Galaxy, Platinum Jazz, plus many others have been certified gold records. War’s lyrics are known for their political undertones however the music is just the fine mix of saxophone and harmonica, as if they were one instrument. Their music has been sampled by musicians like Janet Jackson and others. War Tower of Power concert will be one unforgettable concert for a long time!
Tower of Power, another band comprising of maestros of fusion music, was formed just a year before War, and interestingly in California as well. And while War’s music is synonymous for heavy overdose of saxophone and harmonica, Tower of Power’s music has come to be known for its magical use of bass guitar and horn. They, too, have released multiple compilation, live, and studio albums, with most of them becoming either platinum or gold certified records. The albums like What is Hip, The Very Best of Tower of Power: The Warner Years, Soul Vaccination: Live, Live And In Living Color, Souled Out, East Bay Grease and others have done remarkably well, both commercially and critically. War Tower of Power concert will indeed be the most unique concert ever!
Although both the bands have been playing for well over 40 years, they are still very much active and maintain an active touring schedule. Since War Tower of Power fans are all over the world, for the most part of the year, they travel all the four corners of the world and then after coming back to the United States, kick start their North American tour. Since they may not be coming back to your home town together anytime soon, this upcoming concert gains even more importance. And while the tickets are still available, you need to make the best out of this opportunity and buy your War Tower of Power tickets now!

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