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Using his unique style of chillwave and dream pop enthrallingly, Washed Out has rapidly climbed the ladder of success and made a permanent place in the hearts of his fans. He is truly a maestro with the way he manipulates synthesizers to achieve a winning melody that is great for dancing. He is best when listened to live; so get your Washed Out tickets and reserve a place at his jam-packed concerts, but don’t forget to wear your dance shoes as his music and dance go hand in hand!
Interestingly, the man whom we know as Washed Out wouldn’t have churned out such gloriously sounding music if his previous plans had worked. Born in 1983 at Perry, Georgia, his actual name is Ernest Greene, and he just wanted to be a librarian. With the University of South Carolina’s Master of Library and Information Science degree in hand, he started looking for jobs in 2009, but was thwarted in this mission by the period of recession. Dejected by his bleak prospective in the career of library science, he decided to move back to Perry. Enclosed in his bedroom studio, he used music as a release, and amazingly, he ended up with successful results. His musical talents were promptly noticed by leading music bloggers when he posted his music to his MySpace page. His Lee Weather project, coming out of his bedroom, was quite fast-paced with elements of heavy guitar that instantly made anyone listening tap his/her feet. Previously, he had also worked with a local band in Columbia, South Carolina, composing dance music routines.
After being noticed by music fans and critics, Ernest Greene adopted his stage name Washed Out and was ready to commercialize his musical offerings. His debut EP titled “Life of Leisure” was digitally released by Mexican Summer in mid-2009. Santos Party House rocked with the splendid tunes of the star performer when he made his debut live performance in New York City. Fans loved the sound of his fabulous music and flocked to his show. Hence, the stage was set for the rising star to fly even higher on wings of new-found success, and library science was left far back!
Washed Out made an instantly popular appearance in the 2010 Pitchfork Music Festival and entertained music lovers with his eclectic music that was simply perfect for dancing. The opening of the popular TV series Portlandia hummed with the sound of Greene’s song “Feel It All Around.” In April 2011, Ernest Greene signed a formal contract with Sup Pop, which is the recording company that shot to fame by getting Nirvana, Mudhoney, and SoundGarden on its roster in the 80s. The debut album with the title “Within and Without” came out on July 12, 2011. The album received favorable reviews in the United States; it reached the number twenty six position on the US Billboard 200 Chart and the number six position on the Billboard Rock Albums Chart. The album contained songs imbued with feelings of longings and sadness. Songs like “Soft” and “Eyes Be Closed” are soft and melodious with gloriously synthesized music that is an epitome of chillwave.
Cassettes, CDs, and MP3s don’t do justice to the artfully composed music of Washed Out. The chillwave artist needs a live audience to be truly appreciated. Get your Washed Out tickets and bask in the strikingly seductive charisma of Ernest Greene. Dance the night away on his live tunes and immerse yourself in the fascinating power of his music. Listen to his soft vocals that don’t over impose on his fantastically synthesized warm electronica and rejuvenate in the process. A live concert is a great way to spend time with your friends, and if it is a concert of one of the kings of chillwave, then the entertainment value is increased manifold. So, get ready to witness live the wonder of synthpop at the hands of a pro.

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