Wilco Dr Dog Tickets

Rock fans are in for a very special double treat as Wilco Dr Dog is just around the corner now. Both these amazing rock bands have been right up there amongst the very best groups for years, a true testament to the talents they possess. The duo has been at the pinnacle of the industry and now they are teaming up to headline this sensational event that will simply blow you away. Anyone who is into rock should grab their Wilco Dr Dog tickets now for this is one concert that simply cannot be missed.

Wilco is one of the two groups that will headline the Wilco Dr Dog concert. The band was formed in 1994 and they started to work on their debut album titled A.M. soon afterwards. The albums demo tape was given to Reprise Records who immediately signed Wilco to the label. A.M. came out in 1995 to immense positive acclaim from fans and critics alike. The release was followed by a huge road trip and the group started to work on their next album while on the road. The album was titled Being There and it hit the music stores on 29th October, 1996. It became an instant hit as soon as it came out which was certified Gold by the RIAA. Critically AllMusic rated it as 4.5 out of 5 and Rolling stones gave it four stars.
The next album was titled Mermaid Avenue and it was a collaboration between Wilco and Billy Bragg, a British singer. The album was released on 23rd June, 1988 and was a huge commercial and critical success that went on to be nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Contemporary Folk Album. Summerteenth was Wilco’s next album that was a critical hit as well. That was followed by the second version of the Mermaid series titled Mermaid Avenue Vol. II. Then came the band’s biggest hit Yankee Hotel Foxtrot which became an instant sensation and was labeled as one of the 100 greatest albums of all time by the Q Magazine. A Ghost is Born, Sky Blue Sky, Wilco and more recently The Whole Love Story etc followed to cement Wilco’s reputation as one of the most famous names in rock.
The other group in the Wilco Dr Dog equation is the pop-rock sensation Dr Dog. The band was formed as a project at first but soon became official in 1999. They started off with some experimenting and recorded a demo with a total of eight tracks. They released their debut album titled The Psychedelic Swamp in 2001 and followed that up with their next album Toothbrush in 2002. The early part following the inception was spent touring in and around Philadelphia at some local clubs. Dr Dog then created their next album Easy Beat and released it in 2005. The album was a hit which was followed by an expansive two year road trip. This was the time when the band’s profile started to grow in earnest and they started to perform to packed houses everywhere they went.
The group moved to a new studio in the year 2006 that they shared with Bill Moriarty, a producer. It was that relationship with Bill that played a huge part in giving Dr Dog’s music an identity that is prevalent in their next releases. Releases like We All Belong, Fate, Shame, Shame and Be the Void came to mark the shift from their earlier sound to the a more refined version of pop-rock and indie-rock. The evolution in music has helped the group’s sound become more polished and appealing which has played a huge part in increasing their profile.
Wilco Dr Dog promises to be great evening of rock headlined by two immensely popular bands. The duo have climbed up the stairs on their way to the top the way they wanted to by producing music they believed in. The Wilco Dr Dog double act will showcase what makes them tick in a single one-off concert. Fan, this is not a show to be missed out on and the only way to catch it live is by buying Wilco Dr Dog tickets.