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Ex-members from popular groups like “the Helium,” “the Minders,” and “the Sleater-Kinney” came together to form a distinguished group known as the Wild Flag. The band is an epitome of female strength and instills its songs with passion and power. Grab your Wild Flag tickets to listen to music that reminds you of the 60s tunes of glorious girl groups excelling in pop music. The songs of the band leave an impact that lasts for long; they rebel against the current prevalence of too much softness in rock.

All the members of the Wild Flag have tremendous music histories as they’ve been part of other bands. The front woman Carrie Brownstein is an awe-inspiring guitarist and a passionate vocalist; she hails from the “Sleater-Kinney” band, which has gone on a hiatus. She’s a gifted person with loads of talent not just in the department of music but also acting. Another ex-member from “Sleater-Kinney” is Janet Weiss, who’s an incredibly passionate drummer. The piano and the keyboards are dexterously played by Rebecca Cole; interestingly, she was the drummer for the popular band called “the Minders” before becoming a part of Brownstein’s band. Mary Timony is a gifted violist, keyboardist, and guitarist; previously, she was part of the bands “Autoclave” and “Helium” before joining the all-female band as a guitarist. The four women bring fabulous experience to their new band and instill it with their unique styles.
The Wild Flag took some time before formally naming itself as a proper band. The four women had worked together before: Timony and Brownstein had collaborated on side project titled “the Spells” when they were still a part of their respective bands. The group of four women sat down together in May 2010, practiced over a period of months to test the water. They looked for the dynamic harmony and cohesiveness which is integrally required in a band and finally discovered it to be there. In September 2010, Brownstein formally announced about the band through her blog post on National Public Radio’s All Songs Considered. The announcement was received very positively as music fans all over the country were anxiously waiting for songs from Sleater-Kinney, and now, they received the great news that their favorite musicians from popular bands had joined hands to make music that is the essence of rock. The goal of the newly-formed band was to bring pop and rock to the listeners in a way that the genres deserved to be brought. The idea was to rebel against the current softness and beardedness in indie rock and infuse it with a spirit of bite, wit, and beauty. All the members of the band passionately believed that there should be no apology like behavior in rock, and that is what they aimed to achieve in their songs.
Interestingly, the Wild Flag project is a bicoastal project as Mary Timony is from Washington, DC whereas the other members hail from Portland, OR. After coming together as a band, the women made music but kept quiet about their style. Hence, their concert in Olympia, Washington was attended by only 200 fans. However, slowly and steadily, music listeners learned about the quality of their music and the spirit of adventurism imbued in their songs. Soon, the band started gaining attention and invites to music festivals. It traveled from Washington to California, and garnered a loyal following in the process.
The debut album of Wild Flag was self-titled, recorded with the help of engineer Chris Woodhouse; it was released on September 13, 2011. With incredible songs like “Boom,” Something Came Over Me,” and “Romance,” the band instantly made an impact. Its album was received positively by both music critics and fans and reached the number nine position on Top Modern Rock/Alternative Albums Chart.
The band is passionate in its sound, vehement in its vocals, and beautiful in its melodies. Hear the band perform live at a venue near you and make exhilarating memories of the occasion. Get your Wild Flag tickets before they’re all sold out!

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