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The music industry’s newest and freshest talents in rap music are teaming up for an electrifying concert tour. They are Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, two exciting young rappers who are quickly becoming well known names in the mainstream music scene. Go get Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller tickets to see the duo in what is being called “The Influence Tour”.

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Part one of the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert will bring Wiz Khalifa, a rapper from Minot, North Dakota on stage. He first came into the business when he released his debut record, “Show and Prove” back in 2006. By 2007, he was taken in by the recording company “Warner Bros. Records”. Although he is mainly of the hip hop and rap genre, his music has influences of Euro and dance music as well. This is evident in his single, “Say Yeah” which received a fair amount of success in 2008. It was on the “Rhythmic Top 40” charts, was amongst the top songs played on the urban radio and was on the “Hot Rap Tracks” as well. He left “Warner Bros. Records” to be signed to “Taylor Gang Records” instead. With this new company, he released his sophomore album by the name of “Deal or No Deal”. In early 2010, before parting ways with his label of the time and joining yet another record company, this time “Atlantic Records”, he made “Kush and Orange Juice”, a mixtape that he put up on his website, free for all to download. More recently, he has become really popular for his single “Black and Yellow”. This song made it all the way to number one on many charts including the Billboard Hot 100. “Black and Yellow” is a song written about the colors found in Pittsburgh. With “Atlantic Records”, he released his album, “Rolling Papers”. This album first entered the charts at number two, and ended up selling 197,000 copies in its first week alone. Following the success of this album later on in the year he was nominated for a BET Award in the category of “Best New Artist”. His next collaboration was with Tinie Tempah for the song “Till I’m Gone”—a song for which Stargate served as the producer. Previously, he had worked with Rick Ross on a remix for the song “Super High”. This was the also first time he worked with Curren$y. He made guest appearance on a number of songs for the rapper MC’s mixtape. You now have an opportunity to hear these tracks live with your Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller tickets.
The second half of the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert will feature the singer and rapper from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Mac Miller. He is a relatively new artist, having released his first album only in late 2011. The album is called “Blue Side Park” and was released through the recording company “Rostrum Records”. Before starting out as a solo singer, he was part of a hip hop group known as “The Ill Spoken” with another known rapper, Beedie. With this group, he had release “How High”, a mixtape they worked on in 2008. When he was only 15 years old, he released his own mixtape which was called “But My Mackin Ain’t Easy”. At the time, he went by the name EZ Mac. He released two more mixtapes, “The High Life” and “The Jukebox: Prelude to Class Clown”. He was finally picked up by a record company “Rostrum Records”. Coincidentally, he was discovered when he was working with Wiz Khalifa. Benjy Grinberg, the president of the “Rostrum Records” company saw some potential in Mac Miller and would give him some pointers, but still was not ready to sign him onto the company as yet. It was when Miller released his next mixtape, “K.I.D.S” that Grinberg noticed that his sound and singing style had matured and had a professional touch to it. By this point, Miller had captured the interest of a number of different record companies who were willing to take him in. He ended up choosing Rostrum because it was situated where he lived, and because it was the label of Wiz Khalifa. So, their partnership has existed way before the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert even existed.
So get Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller tickets now to watch these enigmatic performers live in a city near you. The “Influence Tour” is looking to be a hip hop event you wouldn’t want to miss.

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