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WMZQ has been entertaining the country music fans for years through their radio channel live from Washington DC. Lately, they thought of making a good use of their popularity and take it to another level. The result was WMZQ Fest. A music festival which is purely country, all what a country music fan could dream of. Where all the notable country music artists come together to deliver a mega country treat to anyone and everyone. One such notable artist from all these is Miranda Lambert, a talented scouted by the reality television show, Nashville Star. She has been among the main and major feature stars at the WMZQ Fest for as long as the event has been held. WMZQFest Miranda Lambert receives high attention from the fans which is visible from the business that WMZQFest Miranda Lambert tickets do.
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Since the time that WMZQFest Miranda Lambert began, fans came in hoards to be a part of this amazing festival. They did so in order to catch this charming country musician in a live performance, to have a chance which is way better than attending a live concert alone. Miranda Lambert, who finished at third place in the 2003 show of Nashville Star, is a brilliant country music artist. It was only until she could gain her breakthrough from this show and she started making magic in music. She signed to Epic Records and released her debut album in 2005. This album which titled Kerosene went on to become a platinum certified album and gave 4 hits for the chart of Billboard Hot Country Songs; “Kerosene”, “Me and Charlie Talking”, “New Strings” and “Bring Me Down”.
Lambert later signed with Columbia Records for her second album and came out with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in 2007. This album produced three hits, “More like Her”, “Gunpowder & Lead” and “Famous in a Small Town”. Her next album came out two years later in 2009 titled Revolution. This was the album which gave Lambert her first two Number One hits, “Heart like Mine” and “The House That Built Me”. Lambert has been on a number of tours in her career and all of them have been more successful than the other. She has been accompanied by other country music stars on her tours. Miranda Lambert: Revolution Tour, Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars and Sun City Carnival Tour are the notable ones where she got exclusive praise from fans. She has a band and a crew that accompanies her on her live concerts who take care of other musical instruments.   
WMZQ Fest is even better with artists like Miranda Lambert. She is a Grammy Awards, Country Music Association Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards winning artist who has made her mark through her powerful vocals and inspirational lyrics. She married Blake Shelton, another brilliant country singer, in 2011. WMZQFest Miranda Lambert features both these stars and it’s like a war of musicians where fans cannot seem to decide who was the best and who wasn’t. It’s not only her singing that gets the fans going at her live concert but also the environment that she is so famous for forming. Her guitar playing is also what looks incredible in a live concert.  
WMZQ Fest has taken up such a position which is making them grow into the biggest country music festival and the odds are with them. Name any country music artist or band; Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift or Zac Brown Band, WMZQ Fest has it all. The event gets better and better every year as the very best of lineup is retained and new faces are added. WMZQFest Miranda Lambert is as amazing as any other feature for this incredible music festival. WMZQFest Miranda Lambert tickets sell out every year as this premium music festival has a lot and more to offer to anyone who wants to have a blast.

Miranda Lambert might have come off as a doe-eyed blond from the outset but she soon showed everybody that she was a country wolf in a lamb's clothing. Spewing "Kerosene" and "Gunpowder & Lead," she has built up an impressive musical arsenal that has rendered her well-equipped to take on country heavyweights such as Reba McEntire and Martina McBride head on. However, it is no lethal battle that this "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is hell-bent on waging but a rite of passage that she has undertaken to be inducted into the upper echelons of the music industry. The legendary King Midas might have had the "golden touch" but Miranda Lambert upped the ante by packing the platinum punch that she delivers every time she releases a record, landing a quartet of number ones. Latch on to some WMZQFest Miranda Lambert tickets now to behold her explosive melodies.

Miranda Lambert has her roots right in the heart of country music in Texas, hailing from the town of Lindale that is some 80 miles east from the state's capital. Infused with the quintessential combination of country music and courage courtesy her detective of a father, Miranda Lambert soon came into her own after her sweet sixteen and competed in various local talent contests. Making appearances in events such as the Arlington's High Country Music Review, Miranda Lambert soon formed the Texas Pride Band at the turn of the century and then self-released a self-titled debut album a year later with the help of her father. With a professional performing legacy that commenced with a gig at the iconic Reo Palm Isle Ballroom that has been graced by the likes of Willie Nelson, Brooks & Dunn and "The King"  himself, the flaxen-haired songstress is surely going to be in her element at the WMZQFest Miranda Lambert spectacle.

After garnering third place at the Nashville Star competition in 2003, Miranda Lambert attracted the right kind of attention and soon landed a deal with Epic Records the same year. Roping in her dad to co-write her first single along with Heather Little, Miranda released her debut song "Me and Charlie Talking" the following year and followed it up with a full-fledged musical inferno triggered by copious "Kerosene" in 2005. The eponymous album spawned hits such as "Bring Me Down" as well as the gold selling title-track, and arose to the top of the US Country chart. Peaking at the 18th spot on Billboard 200, Kerosene singed itself with a platinum certification and gave way to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend two years later. Miranda's sophomore studio effort virtually exploded in a musical fireball, what with the track "Gunpowder & Lead" getting stamped with a platinum certification and becoming her first top-ten single. Spawning other hits such as "Famous in a Small Town" and "More Like Her", the album also topped the US Country chart and stormed its way into the top-ten of Billboard 200, claiming another platinum record for the "crazy" crooner who is going to have a musical "melt-down" at the WMZQFest Miranda Lambert event.

In 2009, Miranda Lambert quite laterally sparked a revolution, with the namesake record completing the trifetca of her chart-topping mainstream albums as well as triggering a dual combo of platinum and gold certified tracks that include the #1 singles "The House That Built Me" and "Heart Like Mine" as well as the monster hit "White Liar". The respective record itself climbed up to the 8th spot on Billboard 200 and clamped down on Miranda's third platinum certification in the US as well as going gold in Canada. There is no doubt that her performance at the WMZQFest Miranda Lambert happening is going to be epic.

With her latest chart-topping and gold selling album being aptly titled Four the Record, Miranda Lambert unleashed hell on Earth with her new girl group Pistol Annies's debut record Hell on Heels that shot straight up to the top of Billboard's Country chart. Despite her bouts of musical madness, Miranda has been enjoying some marital bliss of late with her former beau Blake Shelton. So to indulge your own demons in some fiery melodious frenzy, nail down some WMZQFest Miranda Lambert tickets now.

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