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Woods is a popular folk rock band hailing from Brooklyn. The band was created in 2005 and comprises of Jeremy Earl the lead vocalist and guitarist, G. Lucas Crane the technician for tape effects, Jarvis Taveniere the multi-instrumentalist and Kevin Morby the bassist. The band is acclaimed for performing in the most sought after live shows. If you are a fan of the band or would like to be a part of an exciting live show then this is the ideal time for you to get your Woods tickets and enjoy a fantastic time at this entertaining event.

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The band has successfully released a total of six albums. The latest album that they released was titled as Bend Beyond. The prestigious Pitchfork Media reviewed an album of theirs and described the tunes of the band as an incredible fusion of lo-fi folk and campfire folk with many other noisy music genre elements. The group was also considered to create the most unique and distinctive music. Jeremy Earl, the leading member of the band also runs the Woodist music recording label in Brooklyn. The band has released all of its albums on the label. The main music genres of the band are alternative country, folk rock, jam band and indie folk. Their discography comprises of At Rear House (2007), Songs of Shame (2009), How to Survive In + In The Woods (2006), Sun and Shade (2011), At Echo Lake (2010) and Bend Beyond (2012).
The music of Woods is a brilliant combination of indie, rock and folk with a lot of psychedelic also. Their music is basically quite upbeat with a dash of moodiness and softness. Every song that they have created so far is enriched with harmony and beautiful sound. One fact that sets this band apart from many others is that their lead vocalist, Jeremy Earl executes a phenomenally distinctive voice that is used to the utmost precision. Earl’s exceptional vocal skills meld in powerfully with the music that it is accompanied with that it turns into becoming another major instrument in all of the songs of the band. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the lyrics, music and of course the vocals of this band are going to leave you completely entranced. The music of the group is classic and can be deemed as being timeless. Many critics have acknowledged their music to be similar to the sounds of the 60s and the 70s, and yet it has a great modern feel to it. Hence, their music stands out. The originality that they implement in each and every one of their song is one of the major reasons why the band enjoys such a great fan following.
Their release of Songs of Shame in 2009 was met with massive critical acclaims from across the country. Moreover, this success prompted the band with an opportunity of developing their live sound while they toured. Their new live shows offered their fans and audiences with spectacular rock motivated fugues that ultimately infused Earl’s songs with terrific energy that had a feel of looming chaos in it.  Once their new live sound was established, they went onto releasing their follow-up albums titled as Sun and Shade and At Echo Lake.  All the albums were successfully released on the Woodsist label.
Their latest album, Bend and Beyond was not recorded like their previous albums. With this album, they adopted a more immediacy to the process. A few of the songs on the album were recorded almost instantly after their creation. Moreover, you will get to hear a lot of live dynamic sounds in this album. When the completion phase of the album started, Taveniere joined the band in 2011 and along with Earl’s genius, the two effectively managed to produced the twelve song album that also features the classic title single which is also a centerpiece of the live set of the band.
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