X103 Xmas Tickets

X103 is a radio channel from iHeartRadio that plays rock music. Their focus is on playing indie rock music, paying more attention to up and coming artists. They have rise to singers like Chris Cornell, “Monsters and Men”, “Sound Garden” and many others. Each year during the holiday time, they invite these rock artists to perform at their Christmas show. The event takes place roughly two weeks before Christmas at the “Egyptian Room at Old National Centre” in New Jersey Street, Indianapolis. This year as well, they have three top artists booked to be the headliners. These are Youngblood, Grouplove, and Morning Parade. Buy X103 Xmas tickets now to ensure your entry into the show right away.

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The first to take the stage would be the indie rock band from Los Angeles, California, Grouplove. They came together as a group only in 2010, but managed to capture the interest of the radio station right away. The band was formed by the lead singer, Hannah Hooper, who was then joined by Ryan Rabin, Christian Zucconi, Andrew Wessen and Sean Gadd. Their first record was an independent release at first, made to test out the waters. It was later picked up by Canvasback who rereleased it with an additional bonus song. They made their major label debut with “Never Trust a Happy Song” which was produced by band member, Ryan Rabin himself. To promote this album, they headed out on a tour of North America, joining another band, “Two Door Cinema Club” as well. They also performed some songs from this album at the “KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas” and managed to gain more attention to their music.

They started out 2012 by headlining a tour in Australia. The tour absolutely sold out which marked the first instance of their global popularity. This prompted them to continue on their travels to the UK and the rest of Europe as well. By the end of February, they were done with their promotions in Europe and were already planning a spring tour for North America. In addition to their own tours, they played a number of festivals, included the popular “Bonnaroo” and the “Arts Festival”. They have also performed at talk shows with the likes of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “Conan” and “Late Night”.

The second band to headline the X103 Xmas show is Morning Parade. They are a British rock, alternative band from Harlow, Essex in England. They are made up of five members, their lead singer Steve Sparrow, their bass player Phil Titus, the drummer Andrew Hayes, their pianist Ben Giddings and their lead guitarist Chad Thomas. Although the band first came together in 2007, it wasn’t until three years later in 2010 that they managed to score a record deal with Parlophone. They finally release a self-titled album in 2012. This new record was prominently featured on X103 who recognized them as potential superstars. This is why they have invited them to play at the Christmas show, so they could be given a platform to reach out to the mainstream as well.

Prior to the release of their album, the band had been touring all across the UK. They even traveled with “The Wombat” on their tour and played a number of dates in Europe, including in Spain, Netherlands, Italy and Germany. More recently, they have been scheduled to perform with “The Smashing Pumpkins” in North America, opening for them throughout the tour.

Also part of the headliners is the Californian band from Los Angeles, Youngblood Hawke. They too specialize in indie rock and have risen to fame because of X103. The group was formed when “Iglu and Harly” broke off and the former members, Sam Martin and Simon Katz joined three more of their friends to start a group of their own. The inspiration for their name comes from a novel by Herman Wouk. Thus, under this name, they began to work on new music to take to different labels to hopefully score a record deal. They managed to receive this goal in 2011 when they signed with Universal Republic. Aside from the already released singles that served as their introduction into the mainstream, they are still working on their complete first record. In the meantime, they continue to perform at different rock festivals.

Getting X103 Xmas tickets will present a great opportunity for fans of indie rock to listen to new music and be introduced to fresh artists that would diversify their playlists.