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Yanni is among the few artists who survived through the intense competition in the eighties and nineties and that too with great success. With his pronounced sense of dynamics, drama and romanticism reflected in his melodies, the artist got famous with a considerably larger audience in comparison to the other musicians. His commanding performance style in live events is among the many reasons to explain Yanni tickets being sold out whenever his concerts draw closer.

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Yanni with a passion for music got his hands on the very first instrument (piano) at the age of six. He was encouraged by his parents to learn playing it in his own way and was given space to follow his own muse. The artist continued college but didn’t walk away from music. He practiced playing piano, keyboard and other instruments along with his studies and as soon as he got done with them, joined a local group at Minneapolis named Chameleon. It was just till the early eighties that the artist sought for support in doing music. In his desire of pursuing a solo career, Yanni recorded and released his own album Optimistique soon after leaving the group. The album got a positive response that opened all doors of success for the artist. He signed a contract with the Atlantic Records and an independent Private Label Music that helped him launch his second album Keys to Imagination. Every album released by the artist so far has come up with an achievement. Where earlier albums earned him fame and recognition the later releases not only added to his list of credentials but also made him a popular touring act.

Yanni has released 14 studio albums so far. His latest launch Truth of Touch, by the end of 2011 was awarded to be No 1. Top Selling New Age Album of the year. The artist plans to start his new year with a rocking live event featuring all the hits of the past years.

What is it in Yanni’s music that makes him a success after every album release? Well, it is his outstanding melodies that give the listeners a chance to appreciate different instruments. His music keeps the interest intact with trumpet, piano and vocal note combinations. It is not only his music but also the compositions that make him a hit.

Yanni’s lyrics are the outcome of his vivid imagination. The artist explains creativity as a quality of highest order. He is of the view that if creativity is practiced it makes an individual become more than the sum of its parts.
Yanni has honored a number of popular television shows and sports events with his music. He has given music for Wide World of Sports, Super Bowl, World Figure Skating Championships and a lot other events. His albums are rated high on the New Age Music Charts and acknowledged him for being the best New Age Album Artist of 2011.

Yanni makes an effort to imply familiar romantic melodies as a foundation and brings the world’s music together at one stage. He has the talent to play instrumental music for a variety of genres and hence attracts a huge number of fans from across the world.

One of Yanni’s latest tours to China highlighted him in western music because he happened to be the first artist to get invited for adopting giant panda. This is a privilege that is commonly reserved for countries and he was the first personality to achieve it. After the buzz of these recognitions, the artist is conducting his first live tour. The excitement for the artist’s live tour is doubled already! Yanni tickets are high on sale! So what are you waiting for? Hurry and get them before we are out of stock!

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