Yefim Bronfman

Yefim Bronfman Tickets

In the crowd of loud pop and synthetic music, it is customary that classical music lovers take a break and listen to the true music. Yefim Bronfman tickets can offer them just that. With the Grammy Award worthy talents of the classical pianist that have won critical acclaim all over the world, Bronfman is not quite ready to give over the concert responsibility to the mainstream. While it is true that popular music or most of the songs from the charts seem to have gone through a heavy production process, it cannot be ignored that a significant number of people still enjoy unadulterated music and instrumentation.

This is the age of the auto tune and the synthesized electronic music, yet there are people who are working towards preserving the original essence of a musical concert. Bronfman is one of them. He has all the amazing and skillful techniques that are required of a live concert pianist. He does not always need an orchestra to back him up. In fact, it has been his solo performances and recitals that have been most popular. But that does not mean that he does not hold orchestral knowledge or does not possess the power to design arrangements as such.
He began this year by performing with the conductor, Sir Simon Rattle at his home base of “Berlin Philharmonic”. He then performed at the famous “London Proms” and then with the prestigious “Tonhalle Orchestra.” Other than that, he has played with the “London Philharmonia,” “Dresdon Staatskapelle” and “Bayerischer Rundfunk Orchestra.”
Yefim Bronfman also works in North America, playing shows in Canada and the United States. He plays at the “Metropolitan Opera House” and performs with the “Carnegie Hall” when it is led by Fabio Luisi. He also plays with the different local orchestras at New York, Cincinnati, Dallas, Montreal, Chicago, and St. Louis. He performs with these music houses so often that he is amongst their most beloved and is truly a crowd pleaser.
He also teams up each year with the lovely Magdalena Ko?ená who is a mezzo soprano. He tours around North America and in some parts of Europe with her. They always visit the “Carnegie Hall” in New York, touch down at Los Angeles, go through Atlanta, Denver and Seattle in North America, and visit Lisbon, Paris and Berlin in the European leg of their tour. Yefim Bronfman often visits these venues for solo performances as well.
He also records a lot of the work that he plays. He has been known to spend quite a lot of time in the studio, making sure his recordings are perfect so that they can be remembered. Both his orchestral and chamber recordings have been appreciated by critics around the world. Everyone with a classical ear can tell that technique is fitting even for a nineteenth century concert. His recordings have not gone unnoticed and have been nominated for Grammy Awards several times. He has even taken home these awards on several occasions. When he won the Grammy in 1997, it was for his rendition of the “Bartók Piano Concerti.” The next time, he was nominated for his recording of Deutsche Grammophon’s “Pekka Salonen’s Piano Concerto.”
His latest recording is of Beethoven’s fifth. For this, he joined hands with the “Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra” which was under the leadership of Andris Nelson. It is also available in stores on DVD.  Along with this, he has also released his performance at the “Berlin Philharmonic” where he played “Rachmaninoff’s Third Concerto.”
He is a fan favorite performer at many big concert halls in some parts of Europe, through most of the major cities of North America and in some places in the Far East. He has played iconic performances at the ‘Avery Fisher Hall” and the “Carnegie Hall” throughout the 1990’s. In the past, he has been known to collaborate with Russian born Issac Stern. Bronfman is originally from Russia himself; he started living in Israel when he was 15 years old. Hence, going back to his native country to perform was a huge honor for him.
He has also won numerous music awards presented by classical music organizations and halls all over the world. His style has always remained true to what original classical music should sound like, but he has still helped the genre evolve so that it becomes definitive of this time as well. Thus, fans should definitely get Yefim Bronfman tickets to experience his talent firsthand.